SN Yoga Details Condition Results
1 Nabhas - Aashraya Rajju All planets in movable rashi Fond of travel, Good looks, visits foreign countries, cruel 
2   Musala All planets in fixed rashi Learned, Wealthy, Proud, Famous, Stable nature
3   Nala All planets in Dual rashi Defective Limb, very clever, good looking, fond of relatives
4 Nabhas - Dala Mala (Srak) All benefics in 3 kendras; malefics not in kendras Constant enjoyment, Vehicles, Good food, association with pretty women
5   Sarpa All malefics in 3 kendras; benefics not in kendras Miseries, Penury, wicked
6 Nabhas - Aakriti Gada All planets in 2 adjacent kendras Wealthy, Learned and Engaged in earning money
7   Shakata All planets in house 1 and 7 Ill health, penury, earning through hard labour
8   Pakshi (Vihaga) All planets in house 1 and 10 Servile, Vagrant, Quarrelsome, message-bearer
9   Shringataka All planets in 1, 5, 9 Blessed with comforts, fond of combat, wealthy
10   Hala All planets in houses: 2, 6, 10 or 3, 7, 11 or 4, 8, 12 Servile, Poor, Engaged in agriculture and miserable
11   Vajra Benefics in house 1 and 7; malefics in 4 and 10 Good looks, brave, happy during early life and old age
12   Yava Malefics in house 1 and 7; benefics in 4 and 10 Consistent, wealthy, charitable, happy in middle portion of life
13   Kamala All planets in 4 kendras Royal status, widely known, long life, virtuous
14   Vaapi All planets in houses other than kendra Accumulates wealth, small but lasting comforts
15   Yoopa All planets in houses 1 to 4 Engaged in sacrificial rituals, blessed with home and comforts, valorous, and pursues duties
16   Shara All planets in houses 4 to 7 Cruel, wicked, Hunter, Jailor and engaged in making arrows
17   Shakti All planets in houses 7 to 10 Poor, wicked, lazy, long-lived, stable, good looking, tormented by failures
18   Danda All planets in houses 10 to 1 Bereft of conforts, devoid of near and dear ones, poor, servile and rejected
19   Nauka All planets in houses 1 to 7 in continuity Famous, miser, greedy, ambitious, earning through water related pursuits
20   Koota All planets in houses 4 to 10 in continuity Untruthful, Jailor, Cruel, lives in fort or hilly area
21   Chhatra All planets in houses 7 to 1 in continuity Caring, kind hearted, wise, long-lived, comfortable in early and old age
22   Dhanusha (Chaap) All planets in houses 10 to 4 in continuity Brave, Jailor, Theif, a wanderer, happy in the middle life
23   Ardhachandra All 7 planets in 7 houses starting from other than a kendra Commander, good looking, wealthy, brave and honoured by ruler
24   Chakra Planets in 6 alternate houses from Lagna on wards ie 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 King or Equivalent
25   Samudra Planets in 6 alternate houses from 2nd on wards ie 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Wealthy, blessed with physical pleasures, likeable, virtuous and stable mind
26 Nabhas - Sankhya Veena (Vallaki)
Seven planets from Sun to Saturn occupy seven separate signs Fond of dancing, singing and playing on musical
instrumets and is wealthy
27   Dama Yoga When all the seven planets are in six signs generous, a king and benefactor.
28   Pasha Yoga When all the seven Planets are confined to five signs only Indulges in enjoyment of life, is
wealthy and of good conduct and has relatives.
29   Kedara Yoga When all the seven planets are placed in four signs only Will acquire wealth and agricultural lands.
30   Shula Yoga All the planets are disposed in three signs only Wrathful, of violent disposition and poor
31   Yuga Yoga all the seven planets are posited in two signs only Heretical and without wealth.
32   Gola Yoga All the seven planets are disposed in one sign Indolent, shortlived, without wealth, sinful and will associate with low type of persons, unskilled
33 Raaj Yoga   Mutual relationship between:
1) Lagna lord and 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th lord (5 combinations)
2) 4th lord and 5th, 9th lord (2 combinations)
3) 5th lord and 7th, 10th lord (2 combinations)
4) 7th lord and 9th lord (1 combination)
5) 9th lord and 10th lord (1 combination)
Total 11 combinations
34 Dhan Yoga   Mutual relationship between:
1) Lagna lord and 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th lord (4 combinations)
2) 2nd lord and 5th, 9th, 11th lord (3 combinations)
3) 5th lord and 9th, 11th lord (2 combinations)
4) 9th lord and 11th lord (1 combination)
Total 10 combinations
35 Arishta Yoga   Mutual relationship between:
1) Lagna lord and 6, 8, 12 lord (3 combinations)
2) 6th lord and 8th, 12th lord (2 combinations)
3) 8th lord and 12th lord (1 combination)
Total 6 combinations

Worse results when aspected by Marak
36 Pancha-Mahapurush Yoga Ruchak When Mars exalted or in Own house located in a kendra from Lagna/Moon. Long face, wealthy, Courageous, Conquers enemies, Arrogant, Commander, Virtuous
37   Bhadra Same condition with Mer Longlived, Intelligent, Clean (pure thoughts and clean body), praised by learned persons, very rich, prosperous, eloquent 
38   Hamsa Same condition with Jup King, A high political or gvernment dignitary respected by good people. He will have in his hands and feet marks of Conch, Lotus, Fish and Ankusha. Beautiful, will eat
delicious food and will be virtuous.
39   Malavya Same condition with Ven Strong limbs, very rich, blessed with wife and children, good fortune. Prosperous, will enjoy pleasures of life, Good vehicles, renowned, learned
40   Shasha Same condition with Sat Acclaimed by all, have good servants, Strong, Head of a village or a king, wicked, associate with women not his own. He will be inclined to use other's wealth and will be happy.
41 Chandra Yoga Sunapha 2nd house from Moon is occupied by a planet other than Sun Status, huge wealth, capacity to earn fortune, religious mind, virtuous and quiet (More on possession)
42   Anapha 12th house from Moon is occupied by a planet other than Sun Healthy, amiable, famous, orator, capable, happy (More on spending and enjoyment)
43   Durudhara 2nd and 12th house from Moon occupied by planets other than Sun Both possessions and enjoyements provided both planets are benefics. Malefics will produce adverse results.
44   Kemdruma Both 2nd and 12th from Moon are empty Misery, Bereft of wife, Progeny, learning and mental peace, Physical illness
45   Chandradhi Benefics on 6th, 7th and 8th house from Moon High status, Commander, Kingship, Govt. recognition
46   Dhan Yoga from Moon Benefics in 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th house from the Moon Wealthy
47 Ravi Yoga Veshi 2nd house from Sun occupied by a planet other than Moon Truthful, Lazy, long stature and balanced outlook, ordinary wealth
48   Voshi 12th house from Sun is occupied by a planet other than Moon Good learning, Eloquence, Chariatable, Sharp memory and virtuous
49   Ubhaychari 2nd and 12th house from Sun occupied by planets other than Moon Strong physique, responsible, learning, good looks, wealth, luxury
50 Gaj-kesari Yoga   Jup occupies a kendra from the Moon Wealthy, famous, learned, virtuous and honoured by King
51 Amala (Amal-Kirti) Yoga   Natural benefic occupies the 10th house from Lagna/Moon. Reverd by ruler, enjoys physical pleasure, charitable
52 Kartari Yoga Shubh Natural benefics occupies 2nd and 12th houses from Lagna Health, wealth and fame
53   Paap Natural malefics occupy 2nd and 12th houses from Lagna Criminal, ill-health, impure food
54 Parvata Yoga   7th and 8th house vacant or occupied only by benefics and benefics occupy Kendra
Lagna lord and 12th lord placed in mutual kendras and aspected by benefics
Famous, wealthy, charitable, orator, leader, learned and lustful
55 Chamara Yoga   Exalted Lagna lord placed in kendra and aspected by Jup
Two benefics conjoint in Lagna or in 7th, 9th house or 10th house
King, orator, skilled, versed in sacred scriptures
56 Shankha Yoga   5th lord and 6th lord are in mutual kendra and Lagna lord is strong
Lagna lord and 10th lord occupy movable sign and 9th lord is strong
Kind, virtuous, learned, long-lived, moral, blessed with wife and children, owns land and enjoys property
57 Lagnadhi Yoga   Benefics occupy 7th and 8th house from Lagna, berift of any malefic association or aspect Learned and comfortable, high status, writing
58 Maha-bhagya Yoga   Male:
Birth during daytime, Odd Lagna, Odd Sun Sign, Odd Moon Sign
Birth during night, Even Lagna, Even Sun Sign, Even Moon Sign
Good looks, Liberal, Renowned, Good Character, Equivalent to a King
59 Vipreet Raj Yoga   (1) If the lord of the 8th is in the 12th or 6th, (2) if the lord
of the 6th is in the 8th or 12th. (3) if the lord of the 12th is in the 8th or 6th. (4) the
three lords may be in the signs of each other or be aspected by each other and (5) if
they are not associated with or aspected by the lords of any other houses (in other
words they may have nothing to do with the lords of any other houses),
Very prosperous and a king of kings. (Supported by classics but B V Raman opposed this.)
60 Chandra Mangal Yoga   Moon and Mars conjuct or mutual aspect in Kendra or Trikona  Status and wealth
61 Shakata Yoga   Jup occupies a house other than Kendra, occupies 6th, 8th or 12th house from Moon Destitute, Disliked by all, Fluctuating fortune
62 Chatussagara Yoga   All planets occupy the four Kendras
All planets occupy movable signs
Destroys all Arista Yogas and ensures wealth and high status
63 Daridra Yoga   All 7 planets from Sun to Sat are placed in continuous houses in such a manner that planet next in natural order occupies preceding house e.g. Ven is placed in 2nd house from Sat like wise Extreme penury and destitute
64 Hath Hanta Yoga   Moon in 11th house and Sun in Cancer Humiliation or death as a result of his own action
65 Pravrajya (Sanyas) Yoga   1) 10th lord assocated with four planets in Kendra or Trikona
2) Moon in D3 of Sat aspected by Mars and Sat or in D9 of Mars aspected by Sat
3) Moon's despositor aspected by Sat alone
4) Moon's despositor aspected by remaining all planets placed in one house
5) Jup occupies 9th house; and Lagna, Moon and Jup all aspected by Sat - Founder of new Philosophy
Detachment from worldly things
66 Adhama Yoga   Moon is in Kendra from Sun Less than Sama
67 Sama Yoga   Moon is in Panphara from Sun Less than Varishtha
68 Varishtha Yoga   Moon is in Apoklim from Sun Wealthy, possess vehicles, achieve fame, enjoy happiness, acquire knowledge, will have intellectual equipment, modesty, ability, generous.
69 Vasumati Yoga   All the benefic planets occupy upachaya
houses (3, 6, 10, 11) from the Lagna/Moon
Will always remain at his house (perhaps this means that he will not go out of his native land) and he will be very
70 Pushkala Yoga   Lagna lord and Moon sign lord be together in a Kendra or be in the house of an friend and a strong planet Lagna Revered by kings, Renowned and wealthy and will wear expensive clothes and ornaments, fortunate, will
be a lord of many men and achieve a high status.
71 Sumala   All the planets in regular order are in the 5th, 6th and 7th houses  An administrator or high official, will be reverred by king and will indulge in pleasures of life, generous, helpful, devoted to his kinsmen, brave and will be blessed with a virtuous wife and sons. 
72 Ashubhamala   All the planets occupy the 8th, 6th and 12th
Unhappy, will torture or kill others, will be timid and ungrateful, will not pay respect to Brahmins, will be unpopular and quarrelsome. 
73 Lakshmi Yoga   Lagna lord is strong and 9th lord and Ven are  in Kendra in its own house/Mooltrikona/Exaltation Good looks, virtuous, wealthy, widely renowned, honoured by king, blessed with wife and children
74 Gouri Yoga    If the Moon be in his own or exaltation house identical with Kendra or Trikona and be aspected by Jupiter Beautiful body, friend of the king, possess good qualities,  blessed with sons, belong to an illustrious family. His face will be like a lotus. He will be praised for his successes (over enemies).
75 Saraswati Yoga    If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus be in Kendra or Trikona from the lagna or be in the 2nd house and Jupiter be in his own sign, friend's sign or in his sign of exaltation Highly Intelligent, very competent in composing prose, drama, poetry, learned in Alankar Shastra and Mathematics, skilled in poetry, in narrative composition and in the exposition of sacred texts'. His fame will spread over the three worlds. Extremely wealthy and will be blessed with wife and children. He will be fortunate and will be revered by the greatest of the kings. 
76 Srikantha Yoga   If the Lord of the Lagna, the Sun and the Moon being in their sign of exaltation, own sign or a friend's sign, occupy kendra or trikona Wear Rudraksha rosaries, body will look white shining by besmearing the sacred ashes, very liberal and will be constantly in meditation of Lord Shiva, rigidly perform the prescribed rites and will submerge himself in the worship of Lord Shiva. He will be a friend of the virtuous and will have no animosity against any other religious belief. He will become influential and his heart will be enlightened by the worship of Lord Shiva. 
77 Srinatha Yoga   If Venus, the lord of the 9th and Mercury be in similar position as above Wealthy, splendorous and soft spoken, his Manner of speaking will be pleasant and witful. He will have in his
body marks of Lord Narayana (such as conch, chakra, etc.). He will, along with other devotees or virtuous persons, be engaged in the recitations of religious songs
about greatness of Narayana. He will be devotee of Vishnu. He will be respected by other persons. He will be very handsome and attractive and others are pleased in
coming in contact with him. He will be blessed with a virtuous wife and noble sons (children)
78 Virinrhi Yoga   If Jupiter, the lord of the 5th and Saturn be similarly disposed as above Extremely intelligent, fully absorbed in the knowledge of Brahm. He will never deviate from the code of conduct prescribed by the Vedas. He will be full of good qualities and will always be happy at heart. He will have many distinguished disciples. He will be sweet and noble in his speech and will be blessed with much wealth, wife and
children. He will shine with spiritual luster. He will be long-lived, will have complete control over his senses and will be revered by kings.
79 Exchange Maha Yoga Exchange of Good houses with Good houses Blessed by Godess Sri, wealthy, honoured by King, have clothes and ornaments
80   Dainya Yoga Exchange of Good houses with Trik houses Fool, sinful, troubled by enemies, speak harshly and unsteady mind
81   Kahala Yoga Exchange of Good houses with 3rd house Occasionaly haughty and sweet in speech, suddenly very prosperous, suddenly poor, unhappyness and misery
82 Raja Yoga   The conjunction or association of the lords of 9th and the 10th house in
any auspicious house
King with all royalities
83 Dhenu Yoga   If the 2nd house is occupied or aspected by benefic planet and the lord of
2nd house not being combust is posited in an auspicious house in his sign of
exaltation or in his own sign
Wealthy and equal to King
84 Shaurya Yoga   If the third house is occupied or aspected by benefic planets and the lord of the third house not being combust, is in an auspicious house, in his sign of exaltation or in his own sign Strong, glorious and supportive younger brothers, Sri Ram like status
85 Jaladhi Yoga   If the fourth house is similarly disposed as above Everlasting happiness with wealth, big house, luxuries, wife and sons, revered by King, devoted to brahmins, will construct wells and roads
86 Chhattra Yoga   Similar disposition of the 5th house Happy family life, enjoy happiness from children, wealthy, sharp intellect, minister
87 Astra yoga    Similar disposition of the 6th house  Conquers enemies, Cruel, Quarrelsome, Arrogant
88 Kama yoga   similar disposition of the 7th house Nothing to do with other's wives, virtuous, prosperous
89 Astra yoga   similar disposition of the 8th house Mean, selfish, poor, forbidden cravings, suffers unwanted doings
90 Bhagya Yoga   Similar disposition of the 9th house King like status, God and brahmins will be pleased with him, wealthy
91 Khyati Yog   Similar disposition of the 10th house Wealthy, prosperous and famous, King who protect his subject with code of conduct
92 Parijata Yoga   Similar disposition of the 11th house Learned, performs auspisious functions. King like status, large family, always celebrating on some or other reasons
93 Musala Yoga   Similar disposition of the 12th house Stupid, unsteady mind, earns wealth with difficulty, suffers humiliation, will go to heaven after death
94 Ava Yoga   Lagna lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Very poor and will have short life, suffer humiliation, in company of wicked, unsteady position
95 Nisswa Yoga   2nd lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Harsh speech, barren wife, bad company, ill formed teeth and eyes, bereft of learning, children and power, wealth will be taken away by enemies
96 Mriti Yoga   3rd lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Defeated by enemies, devoid of brothers, shame, strength and wealth
97 Kuhu Yoga   4th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Bereft of mother, conveyances, friend, happiness, ornaments, relations, unemployed, losing one's living place, association of women of low caste
98 Pamara Yoga   5th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Miserable living, indiscriminate, liar, cheat, suffer from loss of children or childless, associated with wicked, no faith in God, glutton
99 Harsha Yoga   6th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Happiness, fortune, Strong, conquers enemies, wealthy, famous, will have friends and sons
100 Dushkriti Yoga   7th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Deprived of own wife and indulges with other's wives, wanders here and there unnoticed, suffers from venereal diseases, punished by king, unhappy
101 Sarala Yoga   8th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Longlived, resolute, fearless, prosperous, learned, blessed with children and wealth, victorious over enemies, success in all ventures and will be great celebrity
102 Nirbhagya Yoga   9th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Loses all paternal property, irreligious, poor and miserable, disrespects elders
103 Duryoga Yoga   10th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Fruitless physical efforts, a traitor, selfish, constantly away from home and lives abroad
104 Daridra Yoga   11th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Continuous under debt, disease of ear, depried of brotherhood, cruel, sinful, indecent speech
105 Vimala Yoga   12th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house Furgal in expenses, cleaver in money saving, good behaviour, happy, respectable profession, well known
106 Duryoga   Lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses vested with strength are posited in Kendra or Trikona and the lords of 1st, 10th, 4th and 9th houses be weak or combust, and occupy the 6th, 8th and 12th houses Misery, sickness and destitute

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