The journey through 12 houses

1 House - Journey begins - Native takes birth and gets visible. Complement house is 7, where he gets his better half and vice-versa.

2 House - Family - He grows in the safe environment of this family; learns family values, starts speaking and gets family assets. Complement house is 8, where is not all open. keeps few things hidden.

3 House - Neighbourhood - He grows little more, gathers some courage, does some physical actions and access to neighbourhood. Complement house is 9, where he gets fortune.

4 House - He develops a sense and belonging ness of Home, Property, Land, Vehicle and gets significant education. Complement house is 10, where is utilizes the education and properties to do Karma.

5 House - He becomes capable to create both thoughts and offspring. He develops emotions towards oppo. gender. Complementary house is 11, where is puts his creations to get gains.

6 House - He meets with real world challenges, struggles, competitions, diseases, debts and enemies. Complementary house is 12, where his struggles are not visible to others.

7 House - He learns diplomacy and does a union, a partnership, marriage and shares his assets with his better half. Complementary house is 1, where he is single one, alone and vulnerable.

8 House - Suddenly, he starts keeping secrets from the outer world. He does many things unknown to others. He is not all visible to the society. Complementary house is 2, where he is all open and one with his family.

9 House - He develops his ideology and a sense of right and wrong, dharma and receives blessings. Complementary house is 3, where he balances the luck with actions. 

10 House - With all above consolidating, he sums up to a personality, social influence and prestige and does some real Karma. Complementary house is 4, where he finds home and peace.

11 House - With all tangible, non tangible things accumulating, he gets some gains. Complementary house is 5, where he shows the seeds.

12 House - Journey completes - Now, he releases his energy and becomes getting insignificant and invisible to the society, this includes all the stages that is not visible eg Sleep, Bed pleasure, futile expenses or activities in foreign land. Complementary house is 6, where all his struggles are visible.


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