Table of Astrological Constants

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Planets Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Rahu Ketu
Lords of Signs Leo Cancer Aries and Scorpio Gemini and Virgo Saggi and Pisces Taurus and Libra Aqua and Capri None None
Friend Moon, Mars, Jup Sun, Mer Sun, Moon, Jup Sun, Ven Sun. Moon, Mars Mer, Sat, Rahu Mer, Ven, Rahu Mer, Ven, Sat Mer, Ven, Rahu
Enemy Ven, Sat, Rahu None Mer Moon Mer, Ven Sun, Moon Sun, Moon, Mars Sun, Moon, Mars Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral Mer Mar, Jup, Ven, Sat Ven, Sat Mar, Jup, Sat Sat Mar, Jup Jup Jup Jup
Exaltation  Aries 10 Taurus 3 Capri 28 Virgo 15 Cancer 5 Pisces 27 Libra 20    
Debilitation Libra 10 Scorpio 3 Cancer 28 Pisces 15 Capri 5 Virgo 27 Aries 20    
Mooltrikona Leo Taurus Aries Virgo Saggi Libra Aqua    
Nakshatra Ownership Kritika, U Phalguni, U Ashad Rohini, Hasta, Shravana Mrigshira, Chitra, Dhanishtha Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati Punarvasu, Vishaka, P Bhadrapad Bharini, P Phalguni, P Ashad Pushya, Anuradha, U Bhadrapad Ardra, Swati, Shatbhisha Ashwani, Magha, Moola
Combustion NA <12 <17 <14 and <12 when R <11 <10 and <8 when R <15    
Caste Kshatriya Vaishya Kshatriya Vaishya Brahmin Brahmin Shudra Chandal Out Castes
Gender Masculine Feminine Masculine Eunuch Masculine Feminine Eunuch    
Nature Satvik Satvik Tamsik Rajsik Satvik Rajsik Tamsik Tamsik Tamsik
Direction Upward Even Looks Upward Side Ways Even Looks Side Ways Downwards Downwards  
Broad Signification Soul Mind Essence Speech Wisdom Luxuries Miseries    
Body Constituents Bones Blood Marrow Skin Fat Seminal Fluid Nerves    
Social Status King King Commander Prince Minister Minister Servant Army Army
Weather Grisma Varsa Grisma Hemanta Sharad Vasanta Shishir    
Place Temple Watery place Place of Fire Play Ground Treasure House Bed Room Dirty Place    
Death Cause Fire Drowning Weapons High Fever Disease Thirst/Sexual Hunger Poison and Faulty Medicine  
Disha East N West South North N East S East West S West S West
Relation Father Mother Brother and Sister M Grand Father and Adopted Child Son Spouse Cousin M Grand Father P Grand Father
Directional Strengh 10H 4H 10H 1H 1H 4H 7H    
Color Dark Red White Light Red Green Golden White Blue and Black Dark Honey Black
Stone Ruby Pearl Coral Emrald Topaz Diamond Blue Sappire Gomedh Cats Eye
Grain Wheat Rice Pulses Moong Kabuli Chana Lobia Til and Kale Anaz Kala Chana Kulthi
Taste Bitter Salty Bitter Astrigent Sweet Sour Pungent Pungent  
Vaat/Pitta/Cough Pitta Cough Pitta All All Cough Vaat Vaat  
Time to cover one sign 30 days 54 hrs 12 mins 45 days 27 days 1 year 30 days 2 years 6 months 1.5 years 1.5 years
Body Parts Head Face Chest Hip Belly Sexual Organs Thighs Both Hands Both Legs
Deities Shiva Parvati Ganapati Vishnu Shiva Lakshmi Yama Durga Brahmin
Shape Quadrangular Circular Drum Triangular Ecliptical Octogonal Window Line Line
Stature Normal Short Short Tall Tall Normal Short Tall Tall
Metal Copper Silver Copper Lead Gold Silver Iron Lead Silver
Age 50 70 16 7 30 20 100 100  
Incarnation Ram Krishna Narsimha Buddha Vamana Bhargava Koorma Varah Meena
Deeptamsa 15 12 8 7 9 7 9    
Parmatma Poorna Parmatma Poorna Parmatma Poorna Parmatma Jeevamsa Samavit Jeevamsa Samavit Jeevamsa Samavit Jeevamsa Samavit Poorna Parmatma  
Remedy for Dasha Aditya Hriday Stotra Durga Saptsati Vedic Mantra Vishnu Sahastranaam Shiva Sahastranaam Laksmi Suktam Mrityujay Mantra Durga Saptsati Ganapati Sahastranaam
Deity as per Jaimini Shiva Gauri Skand Vishnu Sambashiva Lakshmi Narayana Durga Ganapati
Deity as per LalKitab Vishnu Shiv Hanuman Durga Brahma Lakshmi Bhairav Saraswati Ganesh
Finger to wear stone Ring Little Ring Little Index Ring Middle Middle Ring
Day Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sat Wed
Time Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning Evening Sunset Sunset
Yogini Ownership Pingala Mangala Bhramari Bhadrika Dhanya Siddha Ulka Sankata Sankata
Profession Pol Science, Statistics, Maths, Physics, Actuary Music, Fine Arts, Para Medical, Chemistry, Medical Logic related, Mechanic, Engineer Accountancy, Journalism, Astrology Vedantic, Classical Knowledge, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Management Music, Dance, Arts, Painting, Hotel Mgmt, Tourism, Computer Animation, Graphics Prachin Vidya, Labour Law, Law, Mechnical Work, Geology, Engineering Research, Psycho-analytical work, Pilot, Air Hostess, Space Engineer Language, Meteorologist
Disease Headache, Baldness, Hyper-irritability, Fevers and Pains, Burns, Inflammation, Heart trouble, Eye Disease, Bone Disorder, Stomach Ailments, Blood Circulation Problem, Epilepsy, Leprosy Psychiatric Problems, Mental Problems, Nervousness, Tuberculosis, Pleurisy, Dropsy, Dyspepsias, Diarrhoeas, Anaemias, Effusions, Blood Poisioning, Fever with chills, Jaundice, Fear from Water, Menstrual and Breast Problems Head, Bone-marrow, Bile, Haemoglobin, Inner layer of Uterous, Accident, Surgery, Burns, Blood Disorders, High Blood Pressure, Gall Stones, Thirst, Fractures, Miscarriage Mental Aberration, Nervous Breakdown, Abusive Language, Defective Speech, Vertigo, Leucoderma, Impotence, Nose and Throat problem, Bad dreams Liver Disorder, Gall Bladder, Splenic Disease, Obesity, Fainting, Diabetes, Fat, Chronic Diseases Sexual Disorder, Urinary System, Vision Problem, Carbuncle (Large painful swelling under skin),  Urethral Stricture, Stones in Kidney and Urinary Bladder, Tiredness and Exhaution, Typhoid, Appendicitis and Hormonal Disorder Problems of Legs, Nerves, Colon and rectum, Paralysis, Elephantiasis, Tumours, Cancer, Depression and Melancholy, Chronic and Incurable Diseases Slowness of Actions, Hiccup, unfouded fears, Leprosy, Haemorrhoids, Chronic Boils and Ulcers, Poisioning, Snake Bites, Fobias if with Moon Disease of uncertain cause, Epidemics, Viral and Infective Diseases, Intestinal Parasites, Deafness, Defects of Speech, Diagnostic Confusion, Surgical Intervension

SN Rashi Rising Posture Body Parts MFD Disha Nature DMJ Caste Weak in 6 degrees Area
1 Aries Prishtoday Head Movable East Fiery Dhatu Kshatriya Last  Entrance
2 Taurus Prishtoday Face Fix South Earthy Moola Vaishya First Outside
3 Gemini Prishtoday Shoulder, Neck, Arms Dual West Airy Jeeva Shudra Last  Inside
4 Cancer Prishtoday Chest Movable North Watery Dhatu Brahmin First Entrance
5 Leo Shirshoday Heart and Stomach Fix East Fiery Moola Kshatriya Last  Outside
6 Virgo Shirshoday Abdomen and Waist Dual South Earthy Jeeva Vaishya First Inside
7 Libra Shirshoday Lower Abdomen and Groin Movable West Airy Dhatu Shudra Last  Entrance
8 Scorpio Shirshoday External Genitals Fix North Watery Moola Brahmin First Outside
9 Saggi Prishtoday Thighs Dual East Fiery Jeeva Kshatriya Last  Inside
10 Capri Prishtoday knees Movable South Earthy Dhatu Vaishya First Entrance
11 Aqua Shirshoday Calves Fix West Airy Moola Shudra Last  Outside
12 Pisces Ubhayoday Feet Dual North Watery Jeeva Brahmin First Inside

SN Divitional Charts Name Significance
1 D1 Rashi Physical Well-being 
2 D2 Hora Wealth and Prosperity
3 D3 Drekkana Brothers and Sisters and their well being 
4 D4 Chaturthamsha Luck and Residence
5 D7 Saptamsha Children and Grand Children
6 D9 Navamsha Spouse
7 D10 Dashamsha Profession
8 D12 Dwadashamsha Father and Mother
9 D16 Shodashamsha Pleasures and Troubles from Vehicles
10 D20 Vimshamsha Spritual Pursuits
11 D24 Chaturvimshamsha Education Learning
12 D27 Bhamsha Strengths and Weakness
13 D30 Trimshamsha Miseries and Troubles
14 D40 Khavedamsha Auspicious and Inauspicious Happening
15 D45 Akshavedamsha All things
16 D60 Shashtiamsha All things

SN House Types Fixed Significator Body Parts Auspicious Weightage of Lord
1 1 Kendra, Trikona Sun Head 1
2 2 Panphar Jup Face, Right Eye 0
3 3 Apoklim, Upchay, Trishdoy Mars Shouders, Upper limb, Right ear -1
4 4 Kendra Moon and Mer Chest 2
5 5 Trikona, Panphar Jup Heat, Stomach 2
6 6 Apoklim, Upchay, Trishdoy, Trik Mar and Sat Intestine -2
7 7 Kendra Ven Umblical Region 3
8 8 Panphar, Trik Sat Generative Organs -6
9 9 Trikona, Apoklim Sun and Jup Hips and Thighs 4
10 10 Kendra, Upchay Jup, Sun, Mer and Sat Knees 4
11 11 Panphar, Upchay, Trishdoy Jup Legs and left ear -3
12 12 Apoklim, Trik Sat Feet and left eye 0

SN Important Factor Formulae
1 Beeja Sphuta - Male Sum of Long of Sun+Ven+Jup
2 Beeja Kshetra - Female Sum of Long of Mars+Moon+Jup
3 Tithi (Long of Moon-Long of Sun)/12 (In degrees)
4 Yoga (Long of Moon+Long of Sun)/13 degree 20 min
5 Karan (Long of Moon-Long of Sun)/6 degrees
6 22nd Drekkana 8th House of D3
7 64th Navamsha 4th House from Moon in D9
8 Sarp Drekkana 2nd and 3rd drekkana of Cancer
1st and 2nd drekkana of Scorpio
Last drekkana of Pisces

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