4) Table of Astrological Constants (Misc.)

SN Divitional Charts Name Significance
1 D1 Rashi Physical Well-being 
2 D2 Hora Wealth and Prosperity
3 D3 Drekkana Brothers and Sisters and their well being 
4 D4 Chaturthamsha Luck and Residence
5 D7 Saptamsha Children and Grand Children
6 D9 Navamsha Spouse
7 D10 Dashamsha Profession
8 D12 Dwadashamsha Father and Mother
9 D16 Shodashamsha Pleasures and Troubles from Vehicles
10 D20 Vimshamsha Spritual Pursuits
11 D24 Chaturvimshamsha Education Learning
12 D27 Bhamsha Strengths and Weakness
13 D30 Trimshamsha Miseries and Troubles
14 D40 Khavedamsha Auspicious and Inauspicious Happening
15 D45 Akshavedamsha All things
16 D60 Shashtiamsha All things

SN Important Factor Formulae
1 Beeja Sphuta - Male Sum of Long of Sun+Ven+Jup
2 Beeja Kshetra - Female Sum of Long of Mars+Moon+Jup
3 Tithi (Long of Moon-Long of Sun)/12 (In degrees)
4 Yoga (Long of Moon+Long of Sun)/13 degree 20 min
5 Karan (Long of Moon-Long of Sun)/6 degrees
6 22nd Drekkana 8th House of D3
7 64th Navamsha 4th House from Moon in D9
8 Sarp Drekkana 2nd and 3rd drekkana of Cancer
1st and 2nd drekkana of Scorpio
Last drekkana of Pisces

SN Nature Mood Placement Result
1 Benefic Exalted In Good House Good
2 Benefic Exalted In Bad House Bad
3 Benefic Debilitated In Good House Bad
4 Benefic Debilitated In Bad House Good
5 Malefic Exalted In Good House Bad
6 Malefic Exalted In Bad House Good
7 Malefic Debilitated In Good House Bad
8 Malefic Debilitated In Bad House Good

SN Rashi Nakshatra Degree Lord
1 Aries Ashwini 0s13d20m Ketu
2   Bharani 0s26d40m Ven
3   Kritika 1s0d0m Sun
3 Taurus Kritika 1s10d0m Sun
4   Rohini 1s23d20m Moon
5   Mrigshira 2s0d0m Mars
5 Gemini Mrigshira 2s6d40m Mars
6   Ardra 2s20d0m Rahu
7   Punarvasu 3s0d0m Jup
7 Cancer Punarvasu 3s3d20m Jup
8   Pushya 3s16d40m Sat
9   Ashlesha 4s0d0m Mer
10 Leo Magha 4s13d20m Ketu
11   P Phal 4s26d40m Ven
12   U Phal 5s0d0m Sun
12 Virgo U Phal 5s10d0m Sun
13   Hasta 5s23d20m Moon
14   Chitra 6s0d0m Mars
14 Libra Chitra 6s6d40m Mars
15   Swati 6s20d0m Rahu
16   Vishakha 7s0d0m Jup
16 Scorpio Vishakha 7s3d20m Jup
17   Anuradha 7s16d40m Sat
18   Jyeshtha 8s0d0m Mer
19 Sagi Moola 8s13d20m Ketu
20   P Ashadha 8s26d40m Ven
21   U Ashadha 9s0d0m Sun
21 Capri U Ashadha 9s10d0m Sun
22   Shravana 9s23d20m Moon
23   Dhanishtha 10s0d0m Mars
23 Aqua Dhanishtha 10s6d40m Mars
24   Shatbhisha 10s20d0m Rahu
25   P Bhadra 11s0d0m Jup
25 Pisces P Bhadra 11s3d20m Jup
26   U Bhadra 11s16d40m Sat
27   Revati 12s0d0m Mer

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