Relation Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 Rule 5 Rule 6
Timing of Marriage On day of Marriage - Mars aspects natal Ven or Transit Mars establishes relation with Natal Mars Connection of MD/AD lords with Lagna/LL or 7H/7L of D1/D9 or planets associated with them Sat and Jup activating Lagna/LL, 7H/7L LL and 7L making a connection in transit LL transiting near 7H or 7L transiting near Lagna Sun and/or most planets around Lagna or 7H
Early Marriage Benefics in 1/7 axis No Malefics in 2/8 axis Venus not combust Closeness of LL, 7L, Ven in degrees Jup aspect 7L Analyse Trimshamsha
Delayed Marriage 25<Lagna Degree or 7L Degree < 5 7L in 2/6/8/12H 7H aspected by Sat/Rahu 7L Combust or Sun in 7H    
Denied Marriage Moon/Ven in PAC of Sat/Rahu/Ketu Mer in 7H with 12L or 6L Combination of Sat+Moon (Vairagya) Afflicted 7H and 8H of D30    
Vish-Kanya Yog Female born on Sunday+Dwadashi Tithi+Satbhisha Nakshtra
Or Tuesday+Saptami Tithi+Vishakha Nakshatra
Or Saturday+Dwitiya Tithi+Ashlesha Nakshatra
Second Marriage In case of Divorce
Female - 9H rather than 7H
Male - 12H rather than 7H
In case of death of spouse
Examine 8H rather than 7H
Separation/Divorce Afflicted 7L in D9 7L in D9 is Retro Lagna or LL of D9 afflicted      
Marriage or Affairs Benefic 7H and afflicted 7L - Many marriages
Malefic 7H and unafflicted 7L - Affairs
The connection of 5H/5L and 7H/7L in D1 and D9 is affair
If it has benefic influence, it will lead to marriage.
Excessive Desires Conjuction or opposition of Mars and Ven in D9 Afflicted Retro Jup in connection with 7H Retro Mars or Ven along with influence of Rahu in D1 and in D9 also      
Lack of Desires Relation of Sat and Ven in D9          
D9 Factors Lagna of D9 is desire of Marriage LL of D9 is source to fulfill it.        
Elopement The relation of 5H, 7H and 8H gives secret affair and if 3H is strong it gives ability to take decisions          
Forced Relationship Afflicted LL and 12H/12L of D9

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