Profession Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 Rule 5 Rule 6 Rule 7
Business 5 or more planets in 7th to 12th houses or 10th to 3rd houses 2 or more Poorna parmatma planets in 7th to 12th house or 10th to 3rd house When Saturn in exaltation, own house, and not related to 6H, 8H, 12H. PAC influence of such saturn with Moon, Sun, 10H/10L. Lagna and Lagna lord stronger than 6H/6L Strong Dhan Yogas PAC influence of 3H/3L with 9H/9L and/or 10H/10L. Strong Indu Lagna and Indu Lagnesh
Service Otherwise
Doctor PAC link of 5H/5L, 10H/10L with 6H/6L and 12H/12L Jup influence on Lagna, 5H/5L, 10H/10L and also the 10H from Moon.
Malefic influence on Moon
Sun and Moon are generally afflicted, or linked with 6/8/12 H. Malefic influence on 4H/4L and 5H/5L. In D9 and D10, PAC link of 6H/6L with 10H/10L. May also influence 3/9 axis. Dasha of planets having PAC connection with 5H/5L at right age  
Lawyer Close relation of 2/6/9 houses and their lords Relation of Jupiter and Saturn Mars, Rahu - Criminal case
Mer - Corporate case
Sat, Ketu - Taxation and other cheating case
Strong Mercury for communication      
Engineer Sun, Sat, Mars, Rahu, Ketu to have PAC relation with 4H/4L and or 5H/5L Any relation with Sat and Ketu 5H/5L connection with 10H/10L Dasha of 10H/10L at right time.      
Bureaucrat Strong Lagna, 6H and 10H.
And PAC connection among themselves.
Strong Sun and Jupiter connection.
Strong Saturn.
Mars and Mer connection.
Strong AMK placed on kendra or in 3H or 11H.        
CA Close relation of 2H, 5H and 10H. 6/12 axis is for taxes and audit personnel Prominent Mer and Jup
Mars and Sat for consultants for taxes
Dasha of AMK with 6/10H connection at right time.      
Journalist Close relation of 3H, 5H and 10H. Mer is primary planet
Mer+Mars = Publishable journalist
If Jup is also involved = Author
AMK should have a connection with Mer with below:
Ven+Moon = Visual Media Journalist
Sat+Jup = Photo Journalist

Dasha at right time      
Television Person Ven influence on Lagna/LL or D9 Lagna/LL Afflicted Ven
AMK link with Jup/Mer
Connection of Ven and Moon
Mer/Moon connection with 10H/2H
Prominent 3H
3H link with 2H = appearance on TV screen
3/5 link = reporter
3/8 link = Investigative Journalist, Anchor
3/11 = Serial Maker
Link of 3H, 5H and 10H
Link of 7H with 5H/2H
Fashion Technologist Close relation of 3H, 9H and 12H Relation of Ven+Moon+Rahu Mar+Sat influence on 2H/10H AMK relation with Ven/Moon/Rahu and 3H, 2H and 11H Dasha running links with 3H, 9H or 12H at right time    
Hotel Mgmt PAC link with 2H, 4H and 10H Relation of Ven+Rahu Dasha of Rahu/Ven at right time Influence of Rahu/Ven on AMK      
Computer Professional Link of 3H, 6H and 9H
5H and 10H connection for formal education
Ketu+Mer influence on AMK Dasha of 4H/L, 5H/L, 10H/L,Ketu, Mer        

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