One Liner Quotes

I wonder, these animal activists know a lot about almost everything that can harm animals but don’t know the addresses of slaughter houses. (10-10-17)

Most intense are those persistence desires which do not match with their contemporary counter parts. (31-08-17)

IT employee keeps using words like ‘Digital’, ‘Software’, ‘Soft Copy’ during the job but when he resigns, says ‘पेपर डाल दिए यार’
Sounds rebellious! Why paper? If you decided to go, ‘Go Green’. (03-08-17)

Anythng related to Pak, is like a blockage in kitchen's sink; it takes precedence in every discussion irrespective of whatever family going through. (6-06-17)

Observation + Exaggeration = Wtsapp Joke ;-) (22-02-17)

Don’t dare churn the ocean unless you have someone ready to hold Halahal. (01-12-16)

English is a funnnny language. We have noses that run, and feet that smell.  :-) (21-10-16)

Close to reality, filled with conflicts, news is the new age fiction. (8-07-16)

So many best-selling books and so little time. My friend says - एक बन्दा रख ले यार...(7-07-16)

People have a tendency to remain GHULAM, pahle MUGHAL the ab GOOGLE hai ;-) (25-05-16)

Many thanks to the inventors of the word ‘Intolerance’.
Forget about social fabric and political mileages, it had been badly needed for centuries to define the coexistence of wife and husband in a relationship. (8-4-16)

"One who is being fooled."
This is the world wide definition of general public.
Both Obama n Putin want to eradicate terrorism n it's still growing. Ridiculous! (26-3016)

The core capability of creating the artistic masterpiece seldom gets appreciated; what actually does is the thought which has been depicted in the artistic creation.

'Gyan' used to be a so positive word, now it has become synonymous to verbose. (5-07-15)

The opulence of Lord Vishnu and asceticism of Lord Shiva are extremities of the universe everything else resonates within; science says, ‘it is ever expanding’. (18-11-14)

After studying hard, working hard and trying hard when you achieve something, the credit goes to 'soft' skills! (7-10-14)

Writers are not God, some of their protagonists are. (15-01-14)

I had to learn everything, the willingness, however, was God gifted. (31-08-13)

A camera, some times is more dangerous than gun; former produces evidences while later removes. (29-08-13)

Nothing can beat experience but creativity. On the contrary it hardly gets acknowledged. (23-08-13)

Indian currency is falling with escape velocity, on the other hand Chennai Express collects 192.85Cr (India only nett); Seems little confusing. Who is contributing to accelerate Chennai Express? India is spending a lot on entertainment these days! (21-08-13)

The usage of 'Hot' n 'Cool' had drastically changed. Temperature is no more the context, its temperament. (9-08-13)

Life is not digital; it’s analogous. Many times we can’t respond to its questions in 0 or 1.

Neither warriors nor scholars, writers have written all the history and made legends ‘Legends’.

Are Punjabi Sur names and Gujrati dishes homonyms?

Leader is not a designation, its a personality trait.

Person who gives respect is the one who really deserves it.

Heisenberg told about uncertainty of ‘subatomic particles’ and then he got married and realized the ‘uncertainty’ of everything!

Over-extraction of natural resources like water, energy and husbands can result in disasters! - Issued in Public Interest

There are many ‘Pandit Ji’ in Indian history but he was truly legend and my favorite. Happy B’day Chandra Shekhar Azad! (23-07-13)

Lady participants of reality shows like Splitsville and Roadies look more wicked than Tadka of Mahadev!

The out standing may never shine in the game of life due to his denial to abide the rules and people usually call him rebellion.

Its hard to imagine life without cell phone; its harder even with.

A successful marriage owes a lot to small rational problems that at times make wife panic and get solved by husband in a jiffy.

When youths are talking about the development plans for next 20 years, our very senior politicians might be envisioning their reincarnation and perhaps not sure they will be lucky next time to take birth in the holy land - India.

I salute Farhan for all his efforts put for stimulating the nerves of society that has been compromising on quality for long, in the time where nobody bothers about what message is being passed through cinema. So far as business is concerned even cheap movies are doing it well.
‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’ can be put in class of movies such as ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Chak De India’.

Modi speaking from Fergusson college..
First time in my life, I've heard a politician speaking a language that can be understood by us...and it looked as if he is on the same page with audience. Rather than just blaming other parties he talked about what best can be done in India...
Though I'm not sure whether his thoughts will jell in reality if he comes in power.

The pseudo-emotional agreement of a caller with callee, where caller assumes that his call deserves to be responded, and callee assumes that he owes to caller to answer every calls or return every missed calls, will eventually be the root cause of various psycho problems, and the cell phone, in absence of etiquette, will prove to be the most fatal invention of science. (11-06-13)

Is paneer so tempting that people don’t hesitate to hunt for it in deep, dense gravy while others are waiting in queue for their turn?
Grow up friends!

I don’t care if India gets defeated in cricket, it doesn’t hurt me. India is not defeated today, it was defeated the moment it forgot 26-11 and allowed them to play. It’s neither game nor war, its business and they are doing it well. (4-01-13) 

We Indians certainly don’t have that substance in our spine that provokes one to act; be it internal affairs or external.
Talent and power is never enough; oh my Lord, give us some guts also. (09-01-13)

Before jumping into any business one should be SME (Subject Matter Expert) of that. Even a chain snatcher should work in goldsmith’s shop for some time to understand that all glitters are not gold. (16-09-11) 

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