On Being Writer

Noun, pronoun, subject, predicate, phrases, clauses, run-on, fragments. Enough!
This doesn’t seem to empower me as a writer. Language is a medium to communicate ideas and in most cases arranging the words in logical order serves the purpose. 
Grammar helps to ensure the correctness of content that was intended to be written. 
There is a different soul called Editor – who has command on the language but lacks the core desire to write; leave it to him to correct your content to purity.
A writer is one who has creative ideas and he wants those to be frozen through his writing. His brain is beyond the boundaries of language or grammar. That’s the reason great books are translated in many languages.
You don’t have to be God of Grammar to create a good piece of writing, just let your creativity flow and write. 
This is an effort to empower you as a writer. I have read so many great writer: Srunk and White, Stephen King, Anne Lammot, Diana Booher. Undoubtedly, this will have an influence of these legends and I would have proud to have that.

At end of every topic, I will sow some seeds of thoughts for you to work on.

 Enjoy On Being Writer

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