Offspring Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 Rule 5 Rule 6 Rule 7
Timing of birth of Child Sat and Jup should have aspected 5H/5L/9H/9L with 9 months of child birth Mars should have aspected these within 75 days Moon should have aspected these points or Moon lagna within 72 hours Vim Dasha MD/AD connected with L/LL or 5H/5L or 9H/9L      
Delay in Child Birth Weak LL Weak 5L and afflicted 5H Weak 7H/7L Weak Jup Afflicted Beeja/Kshetra Sphuta    
Denial of Children Beeja/Kshetra Sphuta associated with 8L/Mer/Sat/Rahu Rahu in 5H in Rasi of Mars or Rahu in 5H aspected by Mars Rahu conjuct with 5L Rahu in Lagna, Mars and Jup in 5H Rahu+Mer in 5H LL+5L in 6/8/12H and Jup Debilitated and Mer+Sat in 5H Sat in 5H aspected by Moon
Gender of Child Sun, Mars, Jup are Male
Moon, Ven are Female
Sat and Mer are eunuch
Dasha of Male planet gives son First Child - 5H
Second - 7H
Third - 9H
Nakshatra occupied by 5L - Male or Female will give clue of gender      
Children from 2nd marriage To be seen from 7H/7L            
Remedy for Childlessness If caused by Mer/Ven
Worship Lord Shiva
If caused by Moon
Mantra, Yantra, Medicine
If caused by Rahu
Daan/Helping others
If caused by Ketu
Daan a cow
If Caused by Sat and Mars
Rudra Jaap
Harivansh Puran
Santan Gopal Stotra
Curse for Childlessness Snake if Lagna/Rahu or 5H/5L afflicted Mother if
Moon, 4H afflicted
Brother if
Mars. 3H/3L afflicted
Father if
Sun, 5H/5L afflicted
Guru if
Jup, 5H/9H afflicted
Vandhya(Childlessness)/Kakvandhya Yog (Childlessness after birth of first child) 5H under malefic influence
Moon+Ven in Lagna
Jup+Ven+Mars in 8H Sat+Mars in 7H Delivery of dead baby -
5H afflicted+Rahu+Sun in 7H or Rahu+Jup+Ven in 8H
No delivery after first child -
Afflicted 5H+Moon+Mer in 8H
Vansha Vichchheda Yog (No male child) Mer+Ven+Jup in 7H in watery sign+Malefic in 8H from Moon Lagna Ven in 7H, Moon in 10H and malefic in 4H          
Dattak Santati Yog (Combination for adoption) Weak Jup+Mandi in 5H/5L Jup strong +5L Eunuch+Mandi+5H aspected by Eunuch          
Abortions Mars effect on 5H/5L, Jup, BS/KS+Sun/Sat influence Rahu in 5H Rahu in 5H+Weak Moon in Lagna Rahu in 5H+Mars in 10H Rahu in 5H+Ven in 2H 6L in 5H or 5L in 6H + LL conjuct with Mars - premuture death of first born and childlessness after that  

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