My Own Observation

1) If Lagna lord is combust, native will have headache problem and baldness, if male.

2) If dasha running relates to 5th house native might do lots of self study, Swadhyay.

3) Rahu/Ketu behave like the despositor eg If Rahu is placed in 12th house in Leo, it will behave like Sun. And if Sun is in 5th house, native will do lots of self study and will have headache also during Rahu dasha.

4) If Rahu is alone in any house its not that bad. Remember, it gives the native obsession related to that house. eg in 8th house alone, it will give tendency to change very frequently. In 10th house, native will be action oriented.

5) Ketu in any house, alone, give detachment related to that house.

6) Consider Lagna 1st, 1, 5, 9 good, 3, 6, 8, 11, 12 bad, 2 neutral. Consider Moon Lagna observe. Consider Sun Lagna observe. Consider Dasha Nath Lagna observe. Now, what to observe? What are the relative placements of MD, AD and PD and decide whether outcome will be good or bad.

7) Lagna lord is conjunct with Venus in very closed degrees. Native will be alcoholic.

8) Bad Mercury, Scorpio sign in 8th or 3rd house, afflicted Venus with Mars or Saturn or Rahu creates tendencies for native to be drug addict or alcoholic.

9) How to read D9 is not clearly mentioned in BPHS and it is said that it is supporting chart to D1. I have analysed many charts and found that just like D1 is analysed and the Moon chart is analysed in support to that D9 should exactly be analysed in the same way. No other principle applies for it. Most important is lagna chart and Moon chart and D9 are supporting chart. Analyse this same as D1 but after analysing D1 not before that.

10) While Rahu creates obsession with in house it is placed or planets it is conjuct, Ketu makes it direction less. Rahu is excessive fondness of something and Ketu is being starved of something. Both lead to imbalance tendencies.

11) While analysing the chart, point of view should always be that of Native because its his chart. E.g. 1) afflicted Mars should be interpreted as trouble from brother to Native rather that trouble to brothers from Native.2) Afflicted Moon means trouble from mother rather than trouble to mother. Though in many cases, a vice versa may be true. Eg if mother is sick, native will be troubled that means both are troubled.

12) Ever observed how a faulty CD makes noise and could not read anything. It rotates inside CD drive many time and gets heated but fail to do its job of displaying the contents. That becomes the situation of Mind in Rahu dasha.

13) Always analyse the respective house in respective divisional chart to find out good or bad influence eg for child observe 5th house in D7; for marriage, observe 7th house in D9. Which all planets are influencing it positively or negatively and prescribe the remedy of that planet. Observe, based on tha dasha running, whether the dasha nath is influencing this positively or negatively and then prescribe the puja.

 13) Guru-Chandal Yog - Conjunction of Jupiter+Rahu. Duvidha me dono gaye, Maya mili na Ram. Its a tug of war b/w Spritual mindset and Materialistic mindset. Person remains in dilemma. Obviously, depends on strength of planets and dasha running who will have more say in the story.

14) Considering dasha nath as lagna and then analysing what will happen in dasha - though recommend in books - I don't find this scheme working.

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