My Bliss Book

My Bliss book

On 18-Jul-2019, I saw aakashe Tarak Lingam while sitting in flight from New Delhi to Pune. Though the beauty was beyond imagination and camera could not capture but I took a pic. Om Namah Shivay

I felt bliss moment at about 9-15 AM on 10-June 2021.

On 27-Oct-2021 while doing my daily puja in Kanpur, I felt Shri Ram's eye balls moved and He looked at me. I felt blessed.

On 14-Mar-2022 while my daily meditation, I visualise a Shivling with a burning flame inside it - Jyotir-linga.

On 9-Sep-2022, when we were offering the puja to Ganpati before visarjan, my wife asked a 100 rs note and though I had a 100 rs note but I said, this I have kept for the person who will perform the visarjan at visarjan ghat. Later, I gave her a 500 rs note for puja. When we returned after visarjan, a received a sms that rs 22k something have been credited to my account by Amity School GGN, which they were not giving since 2019 and I had stopped following up with them. I had no hope. Ganpati Bappa Morya _/\_

On 8th-9th Aug-23 night, I have seen lord Sheshnag made of crystal clear water emerging from crystal clear ocean in my dream. Similar as it is depicted in Padmanabhan pictures but crystal clear watery white, not the black one. I tried to take pics from my phone also, in my dream only.

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