Parenting the Product

"A long due appreciation the team got as an honour in the eyes of highly educated and accomplished people centuries later."

According to many news channels dooms day is about to come and world will come to its end in the year 2012 itself. God will finish and wind up this phase of His project at least however I strongly believe soon He’ll start working on the new and better version of His world even if we assume and accept the concept of dooms day for now!

So after 2012 restructuring the world will get started and hence the base of my story.
Let’s assume it has taken almost 500 years and we are in year 2512.

There is a special part inside jungles of Pune which is said to have some super natural powers in it. Indian anthropologist have visited whole the jungle and found some places and things which needs to draw extra attention of people and in their report they have written that there was a huge temple through the narrow opening of branches of a tree and it had stairs built by cutting the rocks.

Indian anthropologists have also written that there was a big restaurant for devotees. They have found evidences of some big bowls, bhagonas etc. The temples of those days were built with POP type of substance and they were very beautifully designed. They have found one broken piece of dome also.

Beside that temple they found one garden and pond inside it. It is said that devotees used to bath in this pond before going to the temple and then used to take their food.

This is the only matter written in the research papers so far. But it is said that there are some spirits residing there and some people have experienced strange incidence however there is no evidence as such.

People are afraid of going in to the jungle to such an extent that they don’t even pass from certain parts of jungle even in day light. Though nobody could prove it but some people say if you go by one of the old building there with bananas in your bag, you’ll certainly loss all of your bananas. Some have even heard strange voices coming out of that mysterious building after 9:30 in night.

Since it’s an interesting and adventurous subject for foreign scientists so one group of scientists under leadership of Dr. Robert decided to visit the jungle and they were very excited about that very old building.

Dr. Robert is the professor of anthropology and he has written lots of research papers. He has read a lot about Indian history and he believes that in early years of 2000 there was a group of some extra ordinary people with outstanding computing skills. They joined their hands for achieving one common goal; Parenting a software product.

Dr. Robert, Mr. Douglous, Mr. Peter and Mr. Henry came to Pune on 21st of Jan 2512. It was a winter morning and they have taken a room in small hotel and decided to go to jungle in the after noon while taking their lunch they have found that this area is very underdeveloped and lacks basic necessities. Prof. Robert told his assistants that it was a hub of well developed civilization almost 5 centuries ago. He also told that he has studied lots of material written by an Indian author who was also the part of that group. While studying and searching for more material to study about he met Mr. Prabhakar who is doing his research for trying to find out more about that group. Mr. Prabhakar has done his doctorate in anthropology and he believes that the group had developed outstanding software by which they ruled the world of technology and served the society in a better way.  The team was very eager to know more about it and they decided to call Mr. Prabhakar also for visiting the jungle with them.

They started for Jungle after having their lunch at about 4 PM. They walked for almost 3 KM to reach to that building and it was about 6 PM now. There was no means of commutation up to that strange building. Mr. Prabhakar lives in a nearby town and he arrived to accompany them.

It was a calm place full of natural beauty. There were 2 narrow ways and they were confused which route has to be taken. So according to general Indian traffic rule they have taken left one. There were huge trees at both the sides of way creating a cinematic narrow natural tunnel. Since it was getting dark and they were not aware with the place, they all were trying to gather their courage to keep going. After roaming around the place and experiencing many challenges for almost 5 hours they reached to that strange building. It was about 11 PM, they got quite late because of trying to feel the pulse of that area. They noticed lots of things really speaking out for themselves. All the four with Mr. Prabhakar went inside the building people are usually afraid of passing by even in day light.

They found lots of cartons, electronic equipments, monitors etc placed here and there and the whole stuff was looking like a mess. They were mum for a while but all of a sudden Peter broke the ice and shouted “It seems those people were much unorganized.”

There was no doubt about it but Dr. Robert was not ready to accept it in an obvious manner. He said that it could have been because of so many years the stuff is lying here unattended. They have seen lots of blue chairs scattered in one room. All were busy observing the infrastructure and taking notes of it. Peter again bounced a question apparently to Mr. Prabhakar; “there is nothing super natural, no voices, and no activities as we used to here about this building? They were all fake stories.”

Mr. Prabhakar admitted and Dr. Robert said, “Hmm”.

Suddenly a voice thrilled everybody. The flow of statements was well formed and kept on spoken with a full vocal cord. “There were times when I and Joydeep jumped in to Abhijeet’s head and did what not.... You all should have fixed your priorities before taking a decision to join an R & D department. Work is sacrosanct everything else is secondary. None can achieve anything remarkable without having a focus on the results. It was neither the apple nor the tree, it was the focus that Newton kept on the event which had happened and kept on thinking about that which created a glorious history. Why only apple it could have been Mango? Why only Newton, it could have been any Tom, Dick or Harry?”

Everyone was mum and listening carefully. They haven’t had heard more motivational speech in their life. 

Keep looking this space for more..

- Amit Roop