Karak (P)

Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Rahu Ketu
Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body
Soul Ulcerous troubles in stomach Strength Face turned to the north Large or stout body Youth Ill health and other sufferings Bones Painful fever
Strength Heart Ailments Skin Complaints of digestive system Middle age Skin Hidden abdominal ulcers Wounds
Courage Woman Man Neck Physical health Eyes Disease Malignant tumor Disease of stomach and eyes
Old age Acidity Painful Urination Scratching ailments Impartial outlook Declining physical form Death Old age Great pain from peptic or duodenal ulcer
Bones Malarial Fever Nature Self control Brain Blue-black hair Longevity Acute deodenal pain Small pox or boils
Stomach Impartial outlook Ruling over people Sex Organs Old age Urine or Urinary tract One born outside the caste Breathing Nature
Eye Mind Administrator Nature Knee Nature Old age Nature Medical Practitioner
Body Facial Lusture Thief Education Nature Dvijas Born to a low woman Falsehood Final salvation
Freedom from Disease Stomach Charitable Nature Mathematics Religious, social and other duties Gentle or benefic Born in adultery Looking downwards All sort of prosperity
Blood Face Love of deep red object Knowledge Valour Happiness from sex life Bones Perplexity Mantra Shastra
Face Beauty Ruler over sacred places Speech Logic Pride Strange or ugly hair Great Valour Instability of mind
Nature Middle Age Fondness Writing Astrology or Astronomy Rajasik nature Nature Wickedness Knowledge of Brahmin
Heat Self Anger Astrology and Astronomy Vedanta system of philosophy Yajur Ved Sorrow Material Knowledge of animals
Worship of Shiva Ailments of Shoulders Fame Commerce Great gods Vaisyas Happiness from a woman Umbrella Zoology
Wickeness Fine blood circulation or vital energy Character Soft Speech Dharma Beauty Charity A conveyance covered on all four sides Observing silence religiously
Enlightenment Sleep Desire Vedanta system of philosophy Doing good to others Pleasant talk arising from mutual love Doing something other than traditional or accepted duties Conveyance Vedanta
Ambitious Nature Speech Moisture Happiness in a newly built house Peculier or strange poetry One losing his ego Relation Fortune
Valour Intelligence Fickleness or imbalance mind Fear Mantra Dancing  Telling lies Yawan Sparing in eating
Dealing with personal or social affairs Laziness Material Dancing Dvijas Music Mind turned to dirty things Maternal grand father Material
Enthusiam Nature of Mind Land Devotion Intellect Enjoyment Cruelity Assocation with animals Stones
Mental Purity Happiness Jewel Tendency to laughter Great proficiency Happiness from wife or husband love of humour Looking downwards Misc All kinds of luxury
Sovereignity over entire country Short Stature Gold Scholar Great long poems Taking pleasure in violin and flute Wrong or wicked valour Acquiring kingdom Relation
Material Abilities Copper Mantras Sattvic nature Pleasant movement or walking Brahmin having tamsik qualities Faulty logic Friendship with hunters
Cattle Sense of humour House Yantras Happiness and unhappiness Speaking truth Long standing fear Harsh Speech Suffering from foes
Land Pleasures Getting on a vehicle Region diagrams Understanding the mind or thoughts of others Skilled in fine arts Fear A sinful woman Father's father
Grass Agility of mind Relation Very powerful tantrik and the like Decoration Sporting in water with love Material Shudra A servant of Shiva
Timber Fame Brothers Grammer Tantra or technical subjects Plesant musical instruments Horses Gambling Misc
Ornaments Aquiring a post Misc Ratna Parakhi Sound knowledge of sacred text Indulgence in amorous sport Elephants Strong at sunset Worship of Chandi, Ganesh
Pearls Material Carrying weapons Medical Practitioner Performing religious and moral acts strictly Fondness of having white clothes Income Having sex with a wicked woman going to a different country Dog
Copper Flowers Battle Material Material Expert in Bharat Natya Shashtra Dirty House Facing south Cocks
Ruby Perfumes Opposition Horse Chariot Skilled in composing kavya, minor epics and like Precious Stones Great forests Vultures
Blood red cloth Liquids King New clothes Cows Material Iron Wandering in difficult places Consumptions
Stones Silvers Going to a foreign country Construction of places Deposits Income Blanket Suffering from moutains Bath in Ganges
Red Sandal Stout Fire Green color Treasures Good clothes Lead Staying outside Wind complaints
Saffron Sugarcane Controversy Best ornaments Horses Flowers Torn clothes or things South western direction Stupidity
Relation Wells Arguments Bell-metals and the like Buffaloes Conveyance Oil Serpents Hunger
Father Tanks Heat Fine places Wealth of elephants Silver Wood Complaints of wind and phlegm Association with Shudras
Misc Pearls Day Sky Relation Gomedh or hassonite Pearls Whole Kingdom Southern breeze Getting the order of imprisonment revoked
Greatest Severity Waist band Sightness Maternal grandfather Precious stones Buying and Selling Goats and the likes Interpretation of dreams Nadi
Influence Bell-metal Shortness Child Strange or peculiar palace Elephants Buffaloes and the likes Travel Rejection
Fires Salt Tin Maternal uncle Cloth of a medium count Horses Dog World of snakes Moksha
Trees having thorns Ponds Minister Misc House that offers happiness Precious Stones Relation Air Maternal grand father
Favour of the King Diamonds Goldsmith Infantry Towers Servants Enmity Writing urdu  
Bitter Taste Honey Commander of army Script Gold Kingdoms Maid Servant Nadi  
Taste Wheat Tree Dvijas Good yellow topaz Frugal in taking food Servant's duties Illusion  
World of Mortals Nine gems One who awards punishment Pilgrimages Soft and pleasant stone Ornaments Friendship with the wicked Maya  
Square or Harmonious Eating Snake Temples Relation Relation Significator of father for one born in night Paternal grand father  
Forest Umbrella or other royal insignia World Bad dreams Sons Wife or Husband Cousin    
Half a year Good Fruits Nadi Black magic Grandsons Playing the role of mother for those born during day Misc    
Wandering inor over the hills Clothes Deha/Ego Strong at sunrise or morning Elders like grandfathers Misc Obstruction    
King Clean Crystals Younger Brother Beginning of winter or Hemanta Grandfather White Color Standards    
Travelling Refind clothing Husband Naval Dear friends Marriage Disgust    
Feverish or Infammantory complaints Relation   Flourishing of owns dynasty Misc Acid Taste Lords    
Circular forms Mother   Mixed or compound substances Brahmans one's own teachers Commands Tretagni one of the threee sacred domestic fires    
Kingdom Misc   Birds Fame Fame Birds    
Nadi Brahmin   Nadi Second half of winter Fond of south east Wind    
Atma Pilgrimage   Buddhi Honour from the sky Cough Strong at the end of the day    
Father Noon   Education Charity Fortnight The second half of the winter    
Son Consumption   Business Facing towards the north Firmness Exertion    
  Whiteness   Land Yellow color Watery place Black color    
  Sacred   Second younger brother Holy water or place of pilgrimage Swimming Sins    
  Muhurta or 48 min duration   Second younger sister Moving towards heaven Fortune Ashes    
  Worship of Gauri   Maternal Uncle Delighting an audience Eight kinds of prosperity Gains in black color    
  Grace of favour   Father-in-law Throne Season of spring A year    
  Strong at night     Long Possessing many women Shudras    
  Lover     Benefic Facing east Facing the west    
  Facing west     Wind complaints Decoration for dramatic shows Learning what belongs to another caste    
  Lover of the west     Worship of Shiva One who attaches great importance to sex Lameness    
  Going to distant places     Travelling in a carriage covered on the four sides Receiving good respect or honour Fierce    
  Fish and other aquatic beings     Nadi Having a seal of authority or of govt. Living by agriculture or farming    
  Serpents and like     Jeeva Ruler One who knows where arms are kept    
  Nadi     Nature Analysis (Male) Fond of worshiping Gauri and Lakshmi An external position    
  Mind       Emancipated from the pleasure of sex Fond of north east    
  Elder Sister       Moving in the world of snakes World of snake falling    
  Mother       Strong in the afternoon Wandering in the battle field/Hilly areas    
  Mother-in-law       Awareness of genital organs and secrets connected with them Hunter    
          Nadi Indulgence in sex    
          Bhoga Displays amorous intentions in dressing    
          Nature Analysis (Female) Worship of Yama    
          Vehicle Theft and hard-heartendness    
          House Nadi    
          Finance Karma    
          Younger sister Profession    
          Wife Elder brother    

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