Karak (H)

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Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body
Physical Body Speech Feet Oil bath Mind Diseases Semen Longevity Nourishment Thigh Knee Disturbed sleep
Limbs Tongue Ears Nature Pregnancy Obstacles Loose sex life Afflicted face Nature A mind that gives orders Ears Feet
Old age Eyes Throat Education Stomach Tumor Urinary tract Sorrow from an ailment Charity Influence Nature Left eye
Birth place Grace Power Faith or trust Nature Smallpox Nature Loss of a limb Virtuous act Self control Evil desires Crippled limbs
Strength Great Eloquence Strength Works that gives sorrow or suffering Listening to or spreading good stories Ill-health Victory in love or passion Capital punishment Penance Nature Worship of gods Physical ailments
Longevity Nose Physical growth Pure and steady intellect Education Heavy breathing Hatred of a loose women Nature Devotion to teachers Ability Worship of satvik deities Death
Age Nails Descent from a good family Character Wisdom Tuberculosis Deviation from right path Happiness Purity of mind Fame Education Nature
Hair Soundness of mind Part of hand between thumb and index finger Material Experimenting mantras for achieving varied desired ends Wounds Lose of memory Worry about death Worship of gods Chanting of sacred mantras Great skill in earning gold and money Mantal worry
Appearance Nature Nature Wealth Foresightedness Frequest disease of eyes Husband's or wife's purity Absence of quarrels Effort to learn Lordship Wisdom Fear from foes
Skin Faith in sacred text Courage House Firmness Peptic or duodenal ulcer Valour Misery or worry Polity Material Achieving the desired goal Mental imbalance
Sleep Truth & Falsehood Mental instability Travel Mantra Japa Urinary ailments Material Idleness Valour Hidden Looking desires Harm
Wisdom Controller Ability or fitness Conveyance Playing musical instrument Imprisonment Having perfumes music and flowers Terrifying sorrows Worshiping Shiva Treasures Skill in art of painting Anger
Freedom from ill-health Determination Causing sorrow Clothes Material Nature Delicious food drinks and likes A story that disturbs mental peace Auspiciousness Medicine Material Material
Nature Generous or charitable nature Dream Small well Wealth and prosperity acquired through the wife or her relatives Cruel or fierce activities chewing betel leaves Attempting to do higly cruel acts Material Prosperity Gains in all possible ways Relief from debts
Happiness Helping others Valour Drink Milk Umbrella Madness Curd Utmost mental anguish Splendour Good living with self respect All forms of income Parental property
Knowledge Learning Good qualities Spices Clothes Miserliness Possessing clothes and the likes Material Travel Relation Dependence on others Giving up the sleeping bed
Fame Humility Education Perfumes Welfare Mental agony or worry Milk Money coming from the death of someone as in insurance or as in the case of a dead distant relative Fortune Mother Ancestral property Disputes
Dreams Material Pastime hobby Mandap Distributing food Material Sweet or pleasant mansion Relation Paternal property Adopted Son Fond of ornaments made of gold Expenditure of all kinds
Dignity Wealth Performing religious duties Land Means of earning money Boiled rice Food with cereals and ghee Worries arising from brother, enemy, wife or husband Eight forms of wealth Misc Seeking to possess ornaments for sake of art and woman Relation
Peace Enjoyment of pleasure Material Garden Parental property Debts Acquisitions of money that is kept at a different or distant places Misc Coronation Commerce Profits Enemy
Self respect Clothes Road Securing and keeping safe one's earning Relation Profits Preparations with ghee Disgrace or defeat Circulation of money Honour from the ruler Good returns Misc
Nature to insult avenge Diamond Taking clean food Palace Children Untimely food Own place Fear of punishment from govt. Relation Riding on horse Relation Imprisonment
Material Copper Partitioning of inheritance Sculptures Friendship Relation Foreign or distant place Arrival of wicked person Offsprings Wrestling Elder brother Freedom from suffering
Wealth Precious Stones Ornaments Entering one's new house Misc Maternal uncle Theft Sin Misc Govt. work service Paternal uncle Elephants and horse
Misc Pearls Profit/gains Paternal property Secrets Foes and enmity Relation Killing Pilgrimages Agriculture Wife's brother Ascent to heaven
Political life Gold Servants Food like that of god's Kings Misc Wife or husband Series of affliction Listening and spreading good stories Doctor Longevity of mother Hated by public
Livelyhood Corn Maid servant Buffaloes, cows, bulls, horses, elephants in an intoxicated state Affairs with loose women Fighting in war Adopted son Battle Coming into contact with virtues Sacrifies Misc Loose sex life
Gambling for others Fine Silver Small good vehicles Abundance of crops from wet lands Auspicious documents Phlegm Misc   Faith Position of best merchant Special position Break down marriage
Honour Artificial Products Relation Relation Virtuous deed of father Venereal boils Marriage   Brahmanic Teachers Position of minister Lose of power or authority
Nature to renounce Efforts to acquire money Brothers Father Minister Delight of foes Break in travel   Securing Religious Rise of fortune Kept in chains in an enemies house
Ability to work Miserliness in giving money Misc Wife Mantra Hated by many Pair of wife   Vedic rituals Yantra   Miserable condition
  Relation War Relatives of the mother's side Upasana Poison Commerce or trade     Right path   Wounded by thought of the loss of happiness of father and brother
  Friends Abode of God's soldiers Friends Splendour Protecting one's own fame Charities         Migrating to different place
  Close followers or neighbours Wondering power Misc Discrimination between virtue and vice Dysentery Destruction of enemies         Loss of wife or husband
  Misc Causing sorrow Govt. work Deep thought Tastes of food Victory          
  Maintaining others family   Castes Scholarship Sorrow from servant and theft Arguments          
  Following the rules of going and arriving   Good name   Quarrels from bothers and others Sexual union          
  Powerful and prosperous living   Miraculously efficient medicine     All secret of sex affairs          
      False allegation                
      Digging tanks and wells                
      Developing or contributing to vedic text                

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