Disease Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 Rule 5 Rule 6 Rule 7 Rule 8  Rule 9 Rule 10 Rule 11 Rule 12 Rule 13 Rule 14 Rule 15
Healthy Strong Lagna Strong LL Shubh Kartari Lagna/LL Strong Moon Benefics in Trine/Quadrants Malefics in Trishdoy Sat in 8H Strong 8L Strong AK            
Sick Weak Lagna Weak LL Paap Kartari Lagna/LL Afflicted Moon Malefics in Trine/Quadrants No Malefic in Trishdoy Benefics in 8H Weak 8L Weak AK 11L in 6H - multiple disease Sat+Mars in 6H aspected by Rahu and Sun - Chronic 8L in 8 H      
Indication of recovery Strong Lagna Strong 6L Favourable Dasha Favourable Transit Jup's aspect                    
Mental Illness Jup in Lagna and Mars/Sat in 7H and Vice versa Sat in Lagna and Mars in 5H/7H/9H Sat in Lagna, Sun in 12H, Mars or Moon in Trine Sat in 12H associated with waning Moon Association of Sat and 2L with Sun or Mars Birth in Hora of Sat or Mars, Sun Moon conjuct in Lagna, 5H or in 9H and Jup in Quadrant Rahu and Moon in Lagna and Malefics in Trine leads to phobia                
Poor Vision
Eye Disease
Sun in Lagna
In Aries - Inflammation in eyes
In Leo - night blindness
In Cancer - Cataract
In Libra - Blindness
Weak Moon aspected by Sat and unaspected by Jup Sun in 2H Two Malefics in 2H Moon in 2H aspected by Malefics Sun+Moon in 2H - night blindness Moon as 6L in the sign of R planet Moon in 6H without aspect of benefics Ven as 6L in Lagna
and a R benefic in 6H/8H/12H
Sun+Ven+Mars together in any house 2L and 12L together in 6/8/12H from Ven        
Blindness Moon in 2H from Sun, afflicted by malefics Debilitated Moon in 6H or 12H afflicted by malefics Combust Mars in Lagna Sun+Moon in Quadrant, in 8th navamsha of watery sign Moon in Lagna, in Cancer or Aries or Tauraus Navamsha or in first half of Sagi Navamsha Moon in Lagna, in Taurus 19 degree or in Pisces 20 degree LL in sign of malefic in 8H Mars in 6H from Moon Malefics in 6/12 or in 2/8 axis Sun in Lagna with RKA and malefics in trine Sun and Moon or Mars and Sat in 6H and 8H Sun+Moon in 12H afflicted LL+2L+ Sun together
When posited in 2H, blindness since birth
When Sun+2L linked with 4L-blindness to mother
Sun+2L linked with 3L - blindness to sibling
Sun+2L linked with 9L - blindness to father
Blindness since birth Sun+Ven+LL in Trik houses Sun+Moon+Ven+Mars+Sat in any sign Sat debilitated and combust and birth at time of eclipse Sun in RKA and Mars and Sat in Trine LL+2L+Sun+Ven in Trik houses LL+2L+12L+Ven together in trik house                  
Blindness in one eye Mars or Moon in Lagna aspected by Ven or Jup Moon in 7H in Leo aspected by Mars Moon and Sun in 12H and 6H                        
Injury to eye Mars in 12H and Sat in 2H  2L, 12L and Ven debilitated in D9 and afflicted 2L, 6L, 10L associated with Ven in Lagna - loss of eye through wrath of ruler                        
Deafness Mer in 6H/8H/12H aspected by Sat Mer in 4H from Sat and 6L in trik house Mer+Ven in 12H Malefics in 3/9 or 5/11 axis Debiliated Ven associated with Rahu Mer+6L in Trik house aspected by Sat Mer+6L in 4H and Sat in Lagna Sun+Mer in 3, 6 or 11H Ven in Taurus or Sagi lagna aspected by malefic moon Ven in 5H, Mer in 6H and birth at night Moon+Mars+Mer in RKA in 3H or 11H Mer associated with Sun in 3, 6 or 11H, opposed by Mars and Sat      
Defective Speech Mer being 6L in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces Mer being 6L in Lagna under malefic influence Mer in 9H and Ven in 10H - Stammering Malefics in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and Moon in Rashiant in Taurus aspected by malefics 2L+Jup in 8H
When with 4L - Mother will be dumb
When with 9L - Father will be dumb
Deaf and Dumb since birth Affliction to 3H/3L Afflicted Moon Afflicted 8H/8L and associted with 3H/3L RKA adjacent to 3H/3L Adverse dasha at birth                    
Heart Disease Afflicted Sun i.e. in RKA or aspected by Mars or Sat, Debilitated, Paapkartari or relationship with 6/8/12 H/L Affliction to Leo Affliction to 5H/5L  Affliction to 4H Dasha of planets associated with Sun, 5H/5L Jup+Mars+Sat in 4H                  
Diabetes Jup debilitated or location in 6/8/12H Sat and Rahu afflicting Jup by association or aspect Combust Jup in RKA Ven in 6H aspected by Jup from 12H 5L conjuct with 6/8/12L Jup retro afflicted in trik house                  
Appendicitis Ven afflicted by Sun/Mars/Sat/RKA Afflicted 6H/6L Affliction of Tauraus, Gemini and Ven                        
Injury Malefics in quadrants 4L in 6H or 6L in 4H or exchange of 4 and 6 Moon influenced by Mars Association or aspect of Mars on 4H Sun in 10H aspected by Mars from 4H - Vehicular accident Sun+Sat in ascendant in RKA - Fall from tree Mars in 4H and Sun or Sat in 7H - Fire accident Mar+Sat in Lagna and Moon in 8H Ketu+4L in 6H Sat+Mars+Ketu in 8H Rahu/Ketu in 6/8/12H with Quadrant or trine lord 4L associated with malefic placed in quadrant - Injury from drowning 4L+LL in 4H aspected by 10L - Injury from drowning Sat in 4H, Moon in 7H and Mars in 10H - Injury from drowning  
Tuberculosis Ven associated with LL in any trik house Mars in 4H and Rahu in 12H from karakamsha lagna (Sign occupied by AK in D9 in KL) Moon and Sun in exchange in D1 or D9 Moon+Sun in Cancer or Leo Moon + Sat aspected by Mars - caused by infection from others Lagna aspected by Mars and Sat Mer in Cancer                
Epilepsy Sat+Moon aspected by Mars Moon and Rahu in 8H 6H or 8H assocted with Sat and Mars Sun+Moon+Mars in Lagna or 8H aspected by malefics Birth at eclipse, Jup in Lagna or trine, Sat and Mars in 6/8H Rahu in lagna and Moon in 6H                  
Leprosy Mer in Aries, Moon in 10H, Sat+Mars in any house Sat+Mars+Moon+Ven in watery signs and afflited by malefics Moon aspected by Mars in 4H from KL Moon in 4H from KL aspected by Ketu Moon in Gemini, Cancer or Piseces navamsha aspected by Mars/Sat Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capri sign in trines associated or aspected by malefics LL+Moon+Mer in RKA Mars as 6L in Lagna Sun/Sat+6L in lagna Mars in Lagna, Sun in 8H, Sat in 4H Moon and Ven afflicated and placed in watery sign - White patches in skin Moon in 4H from KL and aspected by Ven Moon+Mars+Sat in Aries or Taurus Moon in Lagna, Sun in 7H, Sat+Mars in 2/12H  
Dental Prob Aries/Taurus in Lagna or 2H, aspected or associated by malefics Malefics in 7H unaspected by benefics Rahu in 2H from 7L 2L+6L associated with malefics Rahu in Lagna or in 5H Jup+Rahu in Lagna Rahu or Ketu in 6H - disease of teeth or lips                
Hydrocoele Mar+Ven in 8H Mars +Ven in Aries/Scorpio and aspected by Jup and Sat Gulika in KL aspected by Mer alone                        
Piles Sat aspected by Malefics Sat in Lagna and Mars in 7H Sun in Lagna, Mars in Scorpio and Sat in 7H LL+Mars in 7H and Sat in 12H Sat in 12H aspected by Mars and LL LL in sign owned by Mars/Mer aspected by enimical planet - disease of anal region Mars+Mer+LL in Leo coinciding with 4/12H - disease of anal or perianal region                
Impotency Sat+Ven in 10H Sat in 6/12H from Ven Sun and Moon in mutual aspect occupying odd signs Mer and Sat in mutual aspect from Odd sign Sun in even sign mutual aspect with Mars Moon and Lagna in odd signs, both aspected by Mars from even sign Moon in odd sign, Mer in even sign, both aspected by Mars Lagna, Moon and Ven in odd signs Ven in the sign of a retro planet - unable to satisfy partner LL in Lagna and Ven in 7H Moon+Sat in 4/10H from Mars Moon in Cancer/Scorpio navamsha- STD Malefic in 8H - STD Jup in 12H - STD Mer+6L+Mars - Disease of sexual organs
Indigestion Rahu/Ketu in 7H or Sat in 8H and Moon in Lagna 6L in 3H- abdominal ailments                          
Feet Prob Sat in 6H                            

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