Checklist to Analyse a Chart

1.     Observe Lagna, Lagnesh and Chandra Chandresh and Dasha Shesh (observe sequence of MDs, this will give a bird eye view of the period of struggle and happiness)

2.     Check the nakshatras of all planets placed in. The lord of nakshatra, which is repeating will influence the native most.

3.     Observe PAC - DARES. Shri K N Rao's short formula, which means position, aspect, conjuction, dhanyog, aristyog, rajyog, exchanges and special features. Pin point the repeatitions of signals.

4.     Analyse vimshottari MDL, ADL and PDL. Observe from Lagna and Moon and figure out the strengths of these planets in D9. Just see how happily (exalted/own house/friend house) or irate (Debilitated/enemies house) and in good house (kendra/trikona) or bad house (trik/trishdoy) MDL, ADL, PDL are placed in vargas.

5.     Observe the same for yogini MDL and ADL.

6.     Consider dasha lord (MDL, ADL and PDL) as lagna one by one and see whether benefics are in 1, 5, 9 and malefics are in 3, 6, 11. Otherwise dasha period will be bad. Also, after making MDL as lagna see where ADL and PDL are posited.

7.     Check the lordship of houses and Karakatvas of MDL, ADL and PDL (Both Vimshottari and Yogini). Also, which all planets are sitting on Nakshatras owned by these.

8.     Dasha will give results based on house lordship and karakatvas (as above). Nakshatra lordship will influence the behaviour/flavour of the planets who are sitting in its Nakshatra. Positive and Negative results will depend on how happy or miserable these planets are placed.

9.     In case of specific query, observe Bhav, Bhav Lord and Karak.

10.  Transit of Saturn and Jupiter should be watched to fructify the event.

11.  If you have mastered other schemes (eg varshphal, jaimini and prashna), apply them to support the analysis.

12.  What to look in planets? Is yogkarak? Exalted/Debilitated? Placed in own/friendly/enimical sign? Combust? Is in mrityubhag/pushkarbhag? Shubhkartari/paapkartari? Sarp dreshkon? 64th navamsha lord? First or last 6 degrees of longitude? Placed in good 1, 5, 9 or bad 3, 6, 8, 11 or neutral 2, 12 houses?

13.  Remember retrograde benefic is good (though delays things) and retrograde malefic is bad.

14.  Prepare Pre-requisite Form: Name, Age, Gender, Faith, Social Status, Lagna, Lagna Lord, Moon Sign, Moon Lord, Vim+Yogini (MDL, ADL, PDL).

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