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Amit developed his interest in writing and maintains a blog and his nom de plume is "Amit Roop". He loves to play flute whenever he gets time though he is still learning the instrument and knows that he has a long way to make it sound melodious.

Unexpected events in his life led his interest to ancient Indian knowledge researched and accumulated by sages through thousands of years. He studied Astrology in esteemed ‘Bharti Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi’, the most reputed institute of Astrology in the world founded by legendary astrologer Sri K. N. Rao. He passed the exam with first division and was awarded a degree of ‘Jyotish Acharya’. Now, he helps others with this divine knowledge that he had gained from reverend faculties of the institute. He can be reached at jyotish@amitroop.in for astrological consultation. The analysis will be based on  standard Vedic astrological principles and will be shared with predictions, guidance and remedial measures. Please note that the response of your query will most likely be given on nearest weekends :-).

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