House Types Fixed Significator Body Parts Auspicious Weightage of Lord D1 D9
1 Kendra, Trikona Sun Head 1 Body
Begining of life, 
Appearance and Identity to the world
Overall health of Marriage/Spouse
2 Panphar Jup Face, Right Eye 0 Wealth


Family values, Self worth, Self esteem

Wealth through Marriage
3 Apoklim, Upchay, Trishdoy Mars Shouders, Upper limb, Right ear -1 Siblings

Initiatives and Energy

Actions, Will power, Courage, Hath ka Hunar, Abilities to communicate, PR, Team work
Efforts it takes to sustain the Marriage
4 Kendra Moon and Mer Chest 2 Mother

Sense of direction

Home environment, Inner security, Mental peace, Vehicle, Land
Comfort and happiness of Marriage
5 Trikona, Panphar Jup Heat, Stomach 2 Progeny


Intellect, Creativity, Personal Charisma, Ego
Entertainment, Glamour
Romance of Marriage, Creative Aspect
6 Apoklim, Upchay, Trishdoy, Trik Mar and Sat Intestine -2 Enemy

Fighting Obstacles

Rog, Rin, Ripu, Conflict, Criticism, Litigation
Debts you accumulate through Marriage
How quickly or late it will be if you get a divorce
7 Kendra Ven Umblical Region 3 Partner

Desires and Interactions

Other persons, Diplomacy, Masses, Public Image
Personality of Spouse and your ability to compromise in Marriage
8 Panphar, Trik Sat Generative Organs -6 Longevity

Persistent Efforts

Secret and hidden things leading to uncertainty, Controversy, Scandal, Suddenness
Longevity of Marriage
Joint assets you accumulate through in-laws
9 Trikona, Apoklim Sun and Jup Hips and Thighs 4 Dharma


Ideology, International Organization, University, Library, Seminars, Higher learning, Judiciary
Impact your spouse will have on your sprituality and dharma
10 Kendra, Upchay Jup, Sun, Mer and Sat Knees 4 Karma


Social influence, Prestige, Authority
Public image of Marriage, how people view both as a couple
11 Panphar, Upchay, Trishdoy Jup Legs and left ear -3 Income,

Gains and fulfillment of desires

Desires, Rewards and recognition, Friends Circles, Adopted Kid, Communities
Hopes, wishes and desires of your spouse and how many desires can be met through spouse
12 Apoklim, Trik Sat Feet and left eye 0 Expense

Letting go and Freedom

Activities/things hidden from public view,
Bed Pleasure,
Activities to release or waste energy
Bed pleasures in marriage, foreign travels, donations and spiritual life

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