House Types Fixed Significator Body Parts Auspicious Weightage of Lord D1 D9
1 Kendra, Trikona Sun Head 1 Body Overall health of Marriage/Spouse
2 Panphar Jup Face, Right Eye 0 Wealth Wealth through Marriage
3 Apoklim, Upchay, Trishdoy Mars Shouders, Upper limb, Right ear -1 Siblings Efforts it takes to sustain the Marriage
4 Kendra Moon and Mer Chest 2 Mother Comfort and happiness of Marriage
5 Trikona, Panphar Jup Heat, Stomach 2 Progeny Romance of Marriage, Creative Aspect
6 Apoklim, Upchay, Trishdoy, Trik Mar and Sat Intestine -2 Enemy Debts you accumulate through Marriage
How quickly or late it will be if you get a divorce
7 Kendra Ven Umblical Region 3 Partner Personality of Spouse and your ability to compromise in Marriage
8 Panphar, Trik Sat Generative Organs -6 Longevity Longevity of Marriage
Joint assets you accumulate through in-laws
9 Trikona, Apoklim Sun and Jup Hips and Thighs 4 Dharma Impact your spouse will have on your sprituality and dharma
10 Kendra, Upchay Jup, Sun, Mer and Sat Knees 4 Karma Public image of Marriage, how people view both as a couple
11 Panphar, Upchay, Trishdoy Jup Legs and left ear -3 Income Hopes, wishes and desires of your spouse and how many desires can be met through spouse
12 Apoklim, Trik Sat Feet and left eye 0 Expense Bed pleasures in marriage, foreign travels, donations and spiritual life

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