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Rashi Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Saggi Capri Aqua Pisces
Rising Posture Prishtoday Prishtoday Prishtoday Prishtoday Shirshoday Shirshoday Shirshoday Shirshoday Prishtoday Prishtoday Shirshoday Ubhayoday
Body Parts Head Face Shoulder, Neck, Arms Chest Heart and Stomach Abdomen and Waist Lower Abdomen and Groin External Genitals Thighs knees Calves Feet
MFD Movable Fix Dual Movable Fix Dual Movable Fix Dual Movable Fix Dual
Disha East South West North East South West North East South West North
Nature Fiery Earthy Airy Watery Fiery Earthy Airy Watery Fiery Earthy Airy Watery
Glow Lusterless Lusterless Shining Shining Lusterless Lusterless Shining Shining Lusterless Lusterless Shining Shining
Appearance Rough Rough Smooth Smooth Rough Rough Smooth Smooth Rough Rough Smooth Smooth
Biological Character Quadrupeds Quadrupeds Bipeds Insect Quadrupeds Bipeds Bipeds Insect Bipeds (0-15)
Quadrupeds (15-30)
Quadrupeds (0-15)
Jalchara (15-30)
Bipeds Jalchara
DMJ Dhatu Moola Jeeva Dhatu Moola Jeeva Dhatu Moola Jeeva Dhatu Moola Jeeva
Caste Kshatriya Vaishya Shudra Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Shudra Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Shudra Brahmin
Weak in 6 degrees Last  First Last  First Last  First Last  First Last  First Last  First
Area Entrance Outside Inside Entrance Outside Inside Entrance Outside Inside Entrance Outside Inside
Color Red White Green Pink Brown Grey Variegated Black Golden Yellow Deep Brown White
Lagna Characteristics Intense anger, interested in visting foreign places, Miser, decayed physically, jealous, sad, stammer speech, bile and windy disease, heat, timid, relegious, low intelligence, detroy others wealth, fickel minded, famous, enjoy pleasures, bad nails, no brothers, walk fast, unlucky progeny, wealthy, wealth and happiness by wrong means Destroys opponents, savings habits from early age, broad forehead, nose, cheeks and lips, hard working, fortunate, devoted to parents, liberal, expensive, short tempered, phlegmatic and windy diseases, father of many daughters, disrespect own men, not religious, womeniser, fickle minded, fond of food, drinks and ornaments Loving wife, fond of ornaments, charitable, respectable, two mothers, favorable to even opponents, music, fine arts, vedas, shastra, amusement, poetry, gentle, fond of beauty, truthful, impatient, evil sons, crafty, few relatives, irregular limbs, round eyes, fierce appearance, detroys even tough enemies, will possess lands, jewels, gold Timid, many residences, fickle minded, learned, intelligent, enduring, disease of anus, destroys enemies, croocked, sensuous, respects brahmins and gods, phlegmatic, female like physique, virtuous, will have elder sisters, no relatives, few children, censured family, immoral wife, enjoys others wealth, stubborn, valour, lives in foreign place, earn through water, possess wife, ornaments and happiness Fond of meat, earn wealth and honour through king, not religious, dutiful in family affairs, high rank in office, broad face like lion, majestic, strong, bold, speak clearly, miser, will trouble others, desire of wordly enjoyments, wander in forests, bad tempered, firm friend, careless, inviolable, destroys enemies, have famous sons, respect virtuous, rich through agriculture, interested in business, spends on women, suffer dental problems Gentle, Skilled trainer, music, poetry, fine arts, sweet speaker, affectionate, charitable and serves others, sport with virgins, merciful, enjoys others wealth, wanderer, womaniser, modet, liar, enlarges his property, fortunate, sensuous, famous, virtuous, beautiful, honours elders, sinful, inimical to brothers, have more daughters, phlegmatic and windy, away from base and inimical people Crooked physique, no virtues, fickle minded, fluctuating wealth, no physical happiness, phlegmatic and windy, fond of promoting quarrels, long face and physique, virtuous, learned, miserable, intelligent, will damage others honour, beautiful and black eyes, honours elders, guest, gods and brahmins, performs yagnas, respectable, helpful, truthful, beautiful body, loves brothers, chaste yet helps sinners, mean profession, religious but base minded Fleshy and broad limbs as if perfected by exercises, clever, crooked, valourous, attach to mother, quarrelsom, generous, majestic and tawny eyes, prominent chest, hollow belly, depressed nose, adventurous, firm, fierce, trustworthy, amusing, bile problem, big family, betray his elders and friends, busy in attracting women, serve king, will have enemies, pious, gives his money to others, will have amiable wife, religious  Big teeth, prominent forehead, support dependents, couragious, strong, fat thighs and belly, skillful in shastras, intelligent, short tempered even with mighty men, important among the group of men, destroys enemies, famous, find faults in relatives, interested in fine arts, will have own professions, will do good to his men, facial and eyes disease, earns wealth through royal favours Thin body, timid, deer like face, windy disease, bright and elevated nose, many sons, hairy body, broad feet and hands, no virtues, trouble from heat, dear to fair sex, wander in hills and forests, valourous, knowledge of shastras, fine arts, music, house holder, wicked, will have wickes wife, illdisposed to relatives, splendrous, wealthy, will serve a king, liberal, happy and fortunate Does mean acts, principle among his group, foolish, blown and sharp nose, bad tempered, lazy, inclined to enimity, dissatisfied, be fond of gambling and base females, does not help relatives, agitated, spread rumours, aquire wealth, crafty, suffers penury, faces loss of relatives, prohibites in social circles  Fortunate, well blown nose unblown not wide open eyes, interested in profane knowledge, poetry, respectable, famous, exposed lips and teeths, suffers leprosy, afflicted face, courteous, trustworthy, couragious, have more daughters, modest, gentle, knowledge of music and sexual union, liberals, gain through brothers, good relatives
Horas 1) Rolls eye balls unnecessary, cruel, rich, bright in appearance, have fierce wife, tall, short tempered, leader of thieves
2) Thief, careless, afflicted foot and fingers, large eyes, tall. Intelligent
1) Dark complexion, broad eyes, foreface and chest, eminent, loves carnal pleasures, strong bones and physique
2) Broad long and round limbs, liberal, attractive hair, thin waist, ox like eyes
1) Long waist, skilled, moderate physique, soft hair and feet, couragious and fond of sex, wealthy and learned
2) Beautiful and large eyes, sensuous, soft, gifted speaker and attached to others wives
1) Elevated body, beautiful head, eminence and intelligence, weak sighted, limbs moving off and on, crafty, dark complexion, ungrateful, broken teeth
2) Fond of gambling and travels, broad chest, truthful short tempered, harsh physique
1) Blood red eyes, bold, large and long physique, crooked, firm and happy
2) Fond of women, Sweets, foods, drinks, moves frequently, harsh physique, liberal, likes to travel, few sons, enjoy pleasures, firm in friendship
1) Soft and beautiful body, sweet speaker, fond of music, females and sex, fortunate and excellent
2) Short statured, knowledge of hatha yoga and vedas, big head, be agreeable, argumentative, learned in service, drawing and writing, checkered property and yet be happy
1) Round face, elevated nose, black and large eyes, sportive, strong body and bones, wealthy and liked by his men
2) Very wealthy, firm wealth, black and curly hairs, crafty, round eyed, Strong lower body, attractive skin, defective feet
1) Blood red eyes, adventures, valourous, wicked, fond of females, rich
2) Broad well grown long and fleshy limbs, serves a king, many debts, many friends, eyes expanded as flower
1) Wide and split face and chest, small eyes and neck, discarded by elders in boyhood, pious
2) Lotus petals eyes, long arms, knowledge of shastras, good appearances, speak sweetly, fortunate and famous
1) Dark complexion, deer like eyes, fortunate, conquer women, beautiful, crafty, opulent, eats good food, does good acts, elavated nose
2) Blood red eyes, lazy, likes long travels, foolish, dark complexion, hairy physique, clever and fierce
1) Spends on woman and friends, a person of tastes and feelings, soft nature, few sons, virtuous, valourous, complexion like copper, radiant, like to travel
2) Copper brillient eyes, frail, firm, insignificant in appearance, lazy, not outspoken, dejected, miser, crafty
1) Short statured, broad and beautiful body, large foreface, large face and broad chest, dear to women, famous, skilled, valourous
2) Liberal, elevated nose, skilled, intelligent, charming eyes, dear to king, speaks friendly
Decanates 1) Charitable, thief, splendorous, checkered prosperity, fierce in battle, pleasing appearance, punish relatives
2) Attached to females, wanderer, likes carnal pleasure and music, intelligent, endowed with friends and wealth, good looking, eyes women's prosperity
3) Virtuous, find fault in others, fickle minded, mighty, serves a king, attached to his own men, righteous, honourable but not learned
1) Fond of food and drinks, trouble due to separation of wife, endows oranaments and acts as per his wife
2) Beautiful, liked by women, large lips, endows beauty and wealth, firmly wealthy, intelligent and attached to mean women
3) Skilled, not very fortunate, valourous, dirty, repents after spending money
1) Broad excellent limbs, wealthy, deceiving, virtuous, sportive, honoured by king, good speaker
2) Miser, dreaming, conqured by fair sex, self-respected, have siblings, fickle minded, sportive, troubled by many disease
3) Hates women, large head, have enemies, tall, firm wealth, rough nails
1) Honours brahmins and gods, fickle minded, fair complexion, help others, intelligent, pleasing appearance, fortunate wife
2) Miser, dreaming, conquered by women, self-respected, have siblings, sportive, suffer many diseases
3) Lose his firmness to females, wealthy, intent on living to foreign, fond of wine, virtuous, eyes disease, likes garlands and forests
1) Liberal, maintain people, defeat opponents, abundant wealth, many wives and good friends, serves many kings, mighty
2) Does beneficial acts, liberal, firm, fond of quarrels, happy, follows vedas, intelligent
3) Miser, steals others wealth, healthy, hard-hearted, very intelligent, immoral, narrow physique, many children
1) Dark complexion, speaks friendly, modest, tall and impressive, beautiful, gains wealth from females, inauspicious/ill ominous, long head, honey colored eyes
2) Bold, lives in foreign places, skilled in fine arts, fables and battles, talkative, honours vedic teachings, dear to forest tribes
3) Enjoys music and others wealth, dear to king, short statured, endows large head and large eyes
1) Cupid like physical charm, skilled, enjoys travels, dark complexioned, fond of arts and business, fulfils appointed tasks, learned
2) lotus like eyes, charming, friendly speech, valourous, famous, increases reputation of race and family
3) Fickle minded, crafty, ungrateful, crooked, loses friends and wealth, not intelligent
1) Fair complexion, firm, fierce, likes battle, broad eyes, fat and broad physique, fond of promoting quarrels
2) Fond of purified food, skilled, rolling eyes, gold complexion, splendorous, endowes with others wealth, virtuous, skilled in arts
3) Devoid of facial hair, confusing, tawny eyes, large belly, offensive, violent, incurs loss of brothers, long hands and brave heart
1) Round face, round eyes, chief among group, grow with own efforts, good conduct, soft
2) Expert in Shastras, good speaker, performs yagnas, knowledge of mantras, excellent, visit temples
3) Chief of relatives, skilled, follow virtuous path, sensuous, enjoys others women, charming, famous, successful
1) Long hands, dark complexion, charming, famous, crafty, clear speech, conquered by ladies, performs superior acts, wealthy
2) Small face, fickle minded, steals wealth of other women, skilled, fortune teller, liberal, disease of feet
3) Talkative, dirty, long limbed, devoid of father, reduces to evils at foreign places
1) Has wife, honour, fame, power to move things as per his desire, tall, dutiful, wealthy and serves a king
2) Miser, skilled, sweet, fair complexion, tawny and broad eyes, earns wealth through amusement, speak openly, intelligent, many friends
3) Tall, crafty, valorous, frail, short armed, sons and wealth, hard hearted, tells lies, crooked, afflicted eyes, knowledge of sexology
1) Honey colored and tawny eyes, fair complexion, learned, acts virtuous, happy, likes voyages, modest
2) Skilled in serving fair sex, eat pure food, enjoys others wealth, sensuous, dear to females, excellent person
3) Dark complexion, skilled in arts, wide feet, generous, eats pure food

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