Friday 13 October 2023

Happy mind = Working on larger than life purpose

There are so many stories/news where talented/wealthy individuals lost their happiness in their current state of living and went to search truth/God such as Gautam Buddha. 

Now a days also, many IITians are leaving their jobs and going path of monk hood.

Ever wondered - do they get God or how they claim that they found the right way to exist?

The only answer is - they get associated with guiding others to find the same what they were trying to find. They just find a purpose in life, which they think worthy enough to work for. On the other hand - those talented individuals who are heading business or countries are considering that work larger than life and worthy enough to keep working.

No one gets God. They just get an idea and purpose to pursue the work which satisfy their idea of being worthy to work on larger than life purpose rather than sticking on mundane affairs and wasting their life.

-Amit Roop

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