Saturday 8 April 2023

Astrology Chosen Pearls - 4

Personification of Planet:

Sun — Honey colour eyes, square body, Satvik, billious, intelligent, scantily hair on head

Moon — Round body, windy, phlegmatic, beautiful, sweet speech, fickle minded, lustful

Mars — Blood red eyes, cruel, fickle minded, liberal hearted, billious, thin waist

Mercury — Attractive, abilities to speak double meaning words, sense of humour, all three, vaat, pitta, cough

Jupiter — Large body, honey colour eyes, and hair, intelligent, learned in classics, phlegmatic

Venus — Charming, joyful, beautiful eyes poet, phlegmatic, Curly hair

Saturn — Long physique, honey colour eyes, windy, big teeth, lame, rough hair

Rahu and Ketu — Smoke like body, lives in forest and horrible windy, intelligent

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