Saturday 21 January 2023

उसकी इच्छा बिना पत्ता नहीं हिलता

 उसकी इच्छा बिना पत्ता नहीं हिलता|


सबको उनके कर्मो का फल ही मिलता है|

These are two seemingly contradictory statements. But the point here is first talks about outcome and second talks about actions.

You get results based on what you actually did not what you caused. Because the outcome depends on lots of other factors, which are beyond your control.

Take example of judiciary system. You hit someone with wooden road and it caused his death. You will be charged with murder. If he didn't die it caused him just a small wound, the charges would be simpler. That means the punishment would be based on what you caused not what you actually did. Whereas in God's judgement, the charges would be what you did not what you caused. Because to make something happen, it requires so many factors. Just not the one you are doing. So who actually is causing all what is happening is not YOU. So you will be charged only the amount of your involvement in it. This was just an example. It works same for rewards as well.

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