Saturday 21 January 2023


हानि लाभ जीवन मरण जस अपजस विधि हाथ 

In Ram Charit Manas, rishi Vashistha told Bharat about above things, which are controlled by Vidhi.

What is Vidhi?

बरु भल बास नरक कर ताता। दुष्ट संग जनि देइ बिधाता॥

Lord Ram says to Vibhishan that It's better to stay in hell rather than Vidhata give someone company of bad person.

Who is Vidhata here? 

Actually, Vidhi is process and Vidhata is process owner and the results are the outcome of the process where algorithm runs to determine what should be given to you based on your karma.

Vidhi or Vidhata is not ParaBrahm. They are just owner of process.

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