Sunday 8 May 2022

Dwait Vs Adwait

एकैवाहं जगत्यत्र द्वितीया का ममापरा।

"I alone exist in this universe. Who else is there beside me?”

When a baby is inside mother's womb, whether they are one or two?

Umbilical chord is the lotus that is attached to navel of lord Vishnu and the creator brahma and creation brahmand are on it - Visualise Lord Padmanabhan. I bow to Him.

Mata Yashoda saw entire cosmos in mouth of Lord Krishna and Shree Kak Bhushundi saw tha same inside mouth of lord Rama.

God is not there somewhere sitting in sky. We are all, including everything all around us, are inside God.

Now, its up to reader whether he things there are two - Brahma and Brahmanda or Just one only Brahma.

This is just an analogy. Real understanding of God is beyond human intelligence.

- Amit Roop

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