Tuesday 8 March 2022

The Master Spirit

Writing about a phenomenon we usually think a lot but refrain to talk about. Will you ever be able to meet those who have died? An obvious answer may be - yes, after the death.

What if they have already taken re-birth, they will not be there? Or atleast some of them will definitely be missing and might be living a new life. Soooo...badi na-insafi hai. 

Actually, there is a master spirit that always stays there and only a virtual copy travels here and there. So, don't worry! FINALLY all will be very much there and will remain there and remember, you are also there. Yes, at present while reading this post also.

Now, do actions taken here matter and if yes to what extent?

Consider an analogy. All the actor of movie meet everyone after removing make up everyday. Similarly, master spirit also remains there. And if one actor learns a special step while performing in some song remembers that step after packup also. Some of the learnings, impacts of good and bad experiences also get accumulated to Master Spirit.

Note: This post is inspired by Autobiography of Yogi and Many Lives, Many Masters. This is just a hypothetical explanation.

- Amit Roop 

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