Tuesday 15 September 2020

On Teachers Day during Corona Pandemic

World is facing the biggest threat to humanity due to the corona pandemic. We all know that lockdown cannot be implemented forever. We must work according to our roles and responsibilities. But yes, this new normal has forced us to change ourselves to deliver on our duties.

Doctors and medical staff are leading from the front but as the time flows, our list of corona warriors keep increasing. We have so many people who have epitomised the selfless service beyond the call of duty.

On Teacher days, I would like to thank my teachers, the real nation builders who are the persons behind the success of every doctor, nurse or policeman. Our teachers adapted new ways of teaching during this pandemic. They stood up for the challenges and learnt to keep our learning uninterrupted. The challenges are not limited to working on computers, mobiles, software apps or network connectivity. They never forgot to bless us with the feeling of their presence while teaching.

Thank you, my teachers, I owe you a lot.  

- Amit Roop

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