Thursday 9 April 2020

Role of Karma and Destiny

You are suffering from cold and bodyache. Why? Because, yesterday evening while returning from office it rained and since you were driving the bike you fully soaked. Why didn't you wait for rain to stop? Because it was your son's b'day and he was waiting for you home. Moreover, you couldn't control and drooled over ice cream and had 2–3 spoons of it. But why didn't your friend fall ill, he was also with you on the bike? Because, when he reached home his cousin came and they had 2–3 packs of their favorite rum. Moreover, his immunity system is strong.
‘You fell ill'. This is the unique destiny. What has happened has happened. The reasons have multiple dimensions to consider. There are some which had seemingly under your control and which were not.
Consider another example: you got just 52% marks in your 10th exam and family abd friends said: uff, second division! But why this poor performance? Because, at the time of exams you couldn't focus on studies. Why? Because, your mother was severely ill. Wasn't there somebody else to take care of her? No, you don't have siblings and your dad was out stationed. Here also the destiny is unique, 'Second Division in 10 th'. The causes are multiple.
I will explain it astrologically. In first example you might be running the dasha of 6 th lord. There would be involvement of moon. Your lagna lord would be weak etc. Moreover, the transit of Jupiter and Saturn were also justifying the event. In second example also, your dasha running would be connecting your 9 th lord with 12th house. Your 3h/3l position would be justifying no siblings and your 4 h/4l and moon would have been inflicted. The dual transit of Jupiter and Saturn were justifying these circumstances.
The point is clear that no matter what is causing the event. Destiny is unique. And the compulsory transit of jupiter means blessings and Saturn means your efforts/involvement to combine to make that happen.
Every stream of knowledge describe it its own way. In the perspective of astrology the chart will display everything. Astrologer has to analyse it from all possible dimensions.
Destiny will force you to work according to its design and your hard work will force destiny to be manifested. The result will definitely be unique.
 - Amit Roop

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