Friday 10 January 2020

Work on the craft of your destiny

This question will keep coming. Destiny is one and cause are several e.g. you fallen sick is the destiny but you have been drinking less water even in these hot days and you went to market in the afternoon 2 PM and you didn't cover your head and it was 45 degree outside and after all dasha running was of the planet influencing 6th house and sun was also involved.

The point is causes are several but destiny is one. All causes combined to give one output. Now one who has studied medical science could help you and one who studied Ayurveda could help you and one who studied Astrology could help you. All these sciences are there to help people.

Planets don't do anything. They create circumstances and make you do everything. Consider lord Krishna as the super power, he didn't kill kaurawas he made Arjuna do the task.

In Ram Charit Manas, there is one chaupai where sage Narada tells Parwati that her husband would not be a grihast rather he would follows strict asceticism. She decided to do a great penance to get the best out of which is planned for her, the lord Shiva.

So one should make use of astrology to get the path favourable for him and then work hard to get the best out of it.

- Amit Roop

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