Friday 10 January 2020

Stones Yes or No?

Classical text of astrology is in Sanskrit and its way too old. On the top of that, a lot has been translated and written in various other languages. There has always been scope for communication gap or possibility of losing the context.

The biggest one is: people think one which is strong will do good and one which is weak will do bad. The point here is, a planet can be strong but malefic and weak but benefic. A strong malefic can actually spell disaster whereas a weak benefic can give you cool breeze.

Similarly, there has been confusion about using stones also. Some people think, a stone can turn malefic into benefic but this is not the case.

A stone strengthens the planet that means no matter it is benefic or malefic, it will get strength.

So be careful, always wear the stone of the planet which is benefic for you. Gomed will enhance the strength of Rahu. If it is benefic for your horoscope, its good for you to wear Gomed.

- Amit Roop

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