Friday 10 January 2020

Retrograde Motion

When planet appears to move in the reverse direction of its actual motion, it is called retrograde motion. This happens due to relative speed of planet with respect to earth.
While predicting we need to understand few points :
  • Retrograde planets are stronger than direct planet considering under conditions remain same.
  • Retrograde planet contains deep hidden desires and it can give back something to native which has been lost.
  • Retrograde planets are stubborn so that makes benefic more benefic and malefic more malefic.
  • In the dasha of retrograde planet, native might have to try many times before the things getting done. It might happen even if the planet is benefic.
  • Exalted planet if retrograde loses the capacity to do good since it has lots of hidden desire that makes it carrying grudges and Debilitated planet if retrograde does good because it makes the planet work to fulfill its hidden desires.
  • It is said that retrograde planet make the person finish some tasks those have been left from previous births.

- Amit Roop

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