Friday 10 January 2020

Rahu Mahadasha

Consider 9 planets as 9 persons influencing your life according to their basic character and as per their lordship. Those who are benefic for your horoscope will benefit you as and when their dasha come and those who are malefic will trouble you during their dasha.

Rahu is most talked about planet. It is basically a node of Moon, a shadowy planet. Rahu could deceive lord vishnu, remember the churning of ocean and the process of amrit distribution. Deception is its inherent characteristic. It can create illusion, doubts, anxiety etc.

Entire would is being driven by virtualization. Internet, virtual machines, hand held devices, almost influencing every life. That's the reason some astrologers call Rahu as ' Kalyug ka raja'. It has created illusions everywhere.

Now understand it closely. A person having these types are characteristics is benefitting you based on its placement in your horoscope. It will help you get your work done by creating illusions in your favour. It will make you learn the art of deception and get your work done. It will make you capable to behave depending on circumstances that too will help things move in your favour and so on. Generally, when Rahu is placed in 1, 5, 9 houses that too alone, it behaves as lords of these houses and that makes Rahu work positively for you. I have seen in many horoscopes, it can make you learn new skills. It supports new technologies such as computer and aviation.

On the other hand, if it is placed in bad houses, 6, 8, 12 or with malefic influences, it makes your life troublesome by the same means. Your near and dear ones will be against you or you will feel like that. You will become anxious for even small things. You will find your self in filthy situations. You might have to clean your surroundings many times than usual. You will get nagging neighbors.
- Amit Roop

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