Friday 10 January 2020

Rahu in 9th house

Please understand Rahu properly. Rahu could deceive Lord Vishnu and had amrit, remember the churning of ocean story. It successfully creates illusion to get its job done. Rahu in 9 th house signifies that native will behave like a very religious person but will actually be practical in his deeds. He will enjoy materialist possessions and would be ready to compromise with his traditional dharma/moral values to have them.

Rahu is known to break the established laws and values of society. In 9 th house, he will break laws of dharma. Rahu represents foreign significations based on the house it is placed so it means native might take guidance from a person following other religion. Rahu in 9th house might cause native's father mentally or phycologically ill or alcoholic or dhongi or fake personality.

Obviously, these are based on general understanding and a lot can change as per other planatory placements of horoscope.

- Amit Roop

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