Friday 10 January 2020

Prashna Method

Prashna is an excellent scheme when:

  1. The birth details of a native are not known.
  2. The question being asked is dependent more on some event rather than on some individual eg some one is missing, will he return? Or something is missing, will I get it back?
The scope of prashna is shorter than dasha period usually. Prathyusas, the son of great Varahmihir had written a book having 56 shlokas named Shatpanchasika, which is master piece to analyse prashna. All other books available in the market are its ellaborated versions. This is based on the birth of a thought as a prashna and planatory positions of that time are studied.

Yes, Kerala astrologers have done lots of work on prashna that I have read somewhere but I dont know much specific facts about its relation with Kerala.

As someone had already pointed out that if prashna is related to some individual and his birth details are available, birth chart takes precedence over prashna chart.

- Amit Roop

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