Friday 10 January 2020


This is the most complex topic in astrology. There are several methods to calculate the longevity of person but no method gives 100% correct results. The one most followed is PAM method where approximation is set at an interval of 36 ie poorna aayu 3*36 = 108 yrs, alpa aayu 2*36 = 72 yrs and madhya aayu means 1*36 = 36 yrs.

Though it is true that no method gives correct result everytime however many astrologers follow a practice to estimate approx age and then start analysing other stuff.

According to Mrs Gayatri Devi Vasudev: if a person has benefics on kendra trikona and malefics on trishdoy and duhsthan, the person will have good life ie some where near poorna aayu. She follows the same scheme while analysing the horoscopes.

- Amit Roop

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