Friday 10 January 2020

Jupiter expands the house it sits in!

Expansion is one of the significations of jupiter so as a karak it expands the significations of the houses it sits in.

Now if it sits in good houses ie kendra or trikonas by expanding the respective significations it gives benefic results and if it sits in bad houses ie trishdoy or trik houses it expands their respective significations resulting in malefic results. eg during its dasha, native might gain weight since it is significator of fat also. Observe here that gaining weight for some is good and for others bad.

Please understand its not that straight forward as I have stated above. The outcome depends on lots of other factors:

  • Check whether Jupiter is benefic or malefic for that specific horoscope.
  • Check with which other planets it is placed.
  • Check which all planets are casting their aspects on it.
  • Check whether lord of rashi where jupiter is placed is friendly or enemical to it.
  • Check the degrees of jupiter for its strength.
Remember despite many standard principles of astrology, Jupiter has a basic tendency of being benefic so in case of hardship it protects the native during its dasha.

- Amit Roop

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