Friday 10 January 2020

Do planets work for you?

Planets don't do anything on their own. They just support or oppose the happenings. Remember, not only physically, mentally also they induce the tendency in native to have passion based on their significations. During Jupiter dasha, you will tend to have religious inclination. During Venus dasha, you might develop likings for music, dance, art etc.

But the bottom line is: you yourself have to act on your desires to fulfill them. That means when parents want their child to get married they have to put efforts to search a suitable partner and eventually they will search the person who is destined to get married with their child.

Remember destiny is one but to make that happen there will be so many factors. Consider one analogy. An employee got promoted with good salary hike. His family members will say, he worked hard so promotion had to happen. His friends say, he is a lucky man. We also work so hard. His colleagues say that he knows the art of buttering so well that he kind of tames his boss. An astrologer will say, the dasha running was of 9th lord and antardasha of 11th lord giving fame and gains. Motivational speakers and self help writers will say, he wakes up at 5 AM, dresses nicely, has very good communication and presentation skills so he got to go up the ladder.

Destiny is one. How people explain it is their own perception of life that depends on so many diverse realities. That's the reason, outcome of planatory combinations changes with Desh, Kaal, Patra.

- Amit Roop

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