Friday 10 January 2020

Do gemstones work?

My elder brother was holding the bicycle and was running behind when I was riding it and was trying to balance it for the first time. I learnt to balance it and didn't notice when he stopped running and left me riding alone. The courage to ride it alone came by the faith that he will not let me fall down. The faith slowly transferred from his support to my skills. But every time I do something new I do keep faith on someone or something willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly.

The faith strengthens its roots when an astrologer predicts something that happens exactly the way he had said. And every astrologer knows that he cannot change one's destiny as he is not omniscient neither any super natural soul. He has just learnt a divine science.

The only thing is the courage to face the hardship, the adversity, he recommends the gem stones and since you had already have faith on his earlier proven skills, you trust him. Your trust on him slowly deepens and you start trusting on the gem stone also that he has prescribed. That trust alleviate your anxiety and gives you courage to fight the odds and slowly the bad period of dasha passes and good period comes.

This way you sail through the bad period and the astrologer also plays its role for your well being. Since you cannot have a re- take in your life to check that what could have happened if I wouldn't have had this gem stone ring, this left un-validated forever.
- Amit Roop

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