Friday 10 January 2020

Aspects of Planets

Every planet cast its aspect on 7th house from it. Since Rahu/Ketu are shadowy planets and one shadow cannot cast another shadow, their aspects are not considered. Though some astrologers consider their aspects.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have 2 other aspects as well. By 7th aspect a planet influence the 7th house positively or negatively based on its natural significations ie whether the casting planet is benefic or malefic.

Mars has 4th and 8th aspects also. By 4th aspect, it maintains discipline on the significations of 4 th house from Mars and by 8th aspect it destroys the enemies of the significations of 8th house from where Mars is placed. Remember, Mars is a warrior!

Jupiter has 5th and 9th aspect. By 5th aspect, Jupiter takes care of the significations of the house 5th from it like its own children. By 9 th aspect, it takes care of the significations of 9 th house from it like a daunting father/guru. Remember, Jupiter is the most benefic planet!

Saturn has 3 rd and 10 th aspect. Person doesn't have any control or possessions of significations of 3rd house from where Saturn is placed. Person has to show off about them. Person has its entire karma aligned to the significations of 10th house from where Saturn is placed. Saturn is a hard task master; it gets the native work hard where it casts its 10th aspect. Remember, Saturn is the most malefic planet!

Straight forward classification of positive and negative is not recommended. Life doesn't move that way. Many times, sweet are the uses of adversities!

- Amit Roop

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