Wednesday 23 October 2019

Labyrinth of my own personality

A committed team was working hard to achieve the target. Boss gave instructions and moved to some other stuff. Three guys tightened their socks and dared to do the unthinkable. They brought Havells cables, tied a wooden cot with it, hinged it over the high-tension wire going at a considerable height, sitting on the cot they kept pushing themselves to move forward. Something was written as a marquee on the top of electric pole and the intention was to note that down. It resembled some IP Address. My brain wandered; do we have approvals to do this?

I thought, Mars is in its own house of Scorpio, these guys should be successful. But, oh Sun is also in Scorpio, these guys might get burnt. They noted down the value but stuck in electric current and were on the verge of getting electrocuted. One local leader was playing his flute sitting relax in his old-fashioned charpoy. Just a casual observation signalled me about his not-so-toned biceps. I thought his started devoting more time in ‘Sangeet’ than ‘Sehat’. 

In an attempt to save their life, I snatched his bamboo flute and hit hard on the cable. They escaped the death but the flute got irrecoverably damaged. Now the challenge was the ‘Dabang’ man. I owned the responsibility to save the team from his rage. The stories goes on…  
Entire night, I kept wandering in the labyrinth of my own personality.

- Amit Roop

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