Thursday 19 April 2018

Was Catherine Possessed?

Catherine was very beautiful blonde. She worked as a lab technician at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida. She had physiological problems such as anxieties, phobias and depression. Psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss wrote about her in his book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’.

Every psycho-analysis starts from the childhood traumatic life of the patient and conclude that this suffering was the cause of abnormal psychic behaviors. Catherine also had traumatic childhood memories. Her drug addict father used to torture her by many ways. The real roots however tangled tightly somewhere which no one could have imagined and that increased the intensity of the problem. Dr Weiss surprised the world when he wrote about her past reincarnations and in many of those births the clarity of the details she narrated.

It is important to notice that she had a Catholic believes, which overrules the theory of re-birth.
Dr. Weiss could explore 6-8 past lives of Catherine through his process of hypnotism. He concluded poverty, general hardship, and violent deaths in some of her lives as the cause of her current anxieties. He mentioned: She recounts drowning. She recounts life as a soldier whose throat is slit open.

Dr. Weiss wrote about the 'Master Spirit' whom he identified as the soul in the duration of transition from one life to other.

So can we assume that the sufferings are carried as a dent in the soul even after death? Was Dr. Weiss saying that a sufferer will always be a sufferer as in case of Catherine? Does it mean experiences of past lives get accumulated and make current life more painful? Rather than punishing culprit, victim is being punished again and again? This challenges the very design of Almighty where the hardship and misery keeps on ruling over the soul for the prolonged period beyond the birth and death.

Or Catherine was possessed by the evil spirits of those whom she tortured in the past lives and now those spirits are causing her these troubles and the Master spirit whom Dr. Weiss identified as interim speaker is actually her own spirit? Dr. Weiss also mentioned that after those confessions, the problem alleviated slowly.

He was a learned Doctor and expert of his field so he concluded his experiences and I am nobody so I still have these questions open.

- Amit Roop

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