Wednesday 28 February 2018


Desire conceived, taken form, delivered, survived and grown in the conflicting scenarios gains strength. It usually contain the capacity to encapsulate huge amount of non-physical energy. It may or may not have physical body to make it transform from one form to another.

The desire of goddess Parvati to have a lavish home had a very obvious conflict with asceticism of Lord Shiva. That desire, however successfully conceived, taken form, delivered, survived and grown resulting in Vishwakarma, the celetial architect, to build Lanka, immensely beautiful place to live in.
There was one more desire which again caused the conflict with that of Parvati's when the priest Brahman Ravan asked for Lanka itself when he went for conducting puja rituals for their grih pravesh. Parvati's desire was defeated by that of Ravan's and he took over Lanka and reigned there for a long time. 

Desire can be defeated but cannot be killed. The more it gets defeated the more it becomes casual about the associated losses and keeps on to become obsession. The entire dynamism in the universe is being driven by desires only.

Years passed and Rudravatar Hanuman burnt entire Lanka to release the associated energy of that desire.

The more strength the desire carries the more it becomes evil. Though not all desire are evil at the time they are conceived. Queen Kaikeyi demonstrated unmatched bravery and saved King Dasharath from a fatal attack in a fierce battle. Dasharath offered to give two boons whenever she demands. Year later, a desire was conceived. kaikeyi was worthy to have that desire. The conflict arose in the form of Lord Ram. The conflict grew and therefore desire strengthened. Queen’s desire became too powerful among various conflicts that it killed King Dasharath whom she once saved. 

Had Bharat been coroneted, the desire would have released its associated energy. Bharat never became a king even after so much loss. The desire strengthened even more. Even today after thousands of years, the desire is carrying the energy to do evil. The desire grows to become evil with the time and therefore Ayodhya is still in unrest.

Don’t refrain to have desires. Have it but be aware about its strength and mindfully manage it. 

- Amit Roop

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