Monday 24 July 2017

तू चल मैं आता हूँ|

तू चल मैं आता हूँ, चुपड़ी रोटी खाता हूँ|

ठंडा पानी पीता हूँ, हरी डाल पर बैठा हूँ|

Above two rhythmic lines take us to the story of crow and a squirrel. With this story, children had been told the lesson: One who doesn’t do his work on time losses at the end.

This story emphasizes the importance of work and to get rid of lethargic attitude however what this story wrongly told was about the loss. They said: It was the loss of crow. His grains were left there in the open fields and rains had washed them away.

The story, if kept in a different perspective, does teach a lesson about the loss of a workaholic squirrel deceived by a fraud crow. Hard working middle class always finds himself being crushed among the hammers of low pay cheques, high taxes, increasing cost and expenses, over burdening liabilities and natural disasters. The story could have been a perfect example to demonstrate this real life lesson.

The grains left there in the open sky were hard grown by the squirrel. The crow never participated. The story never told that it was indeed the loss of squirrel. She lost when she signed the contract with the crow and never revisited.

The squirrel, undoubtedly hard worker and disciplined, lacked financial literacy, which anyway is not being taught in schools even today. When she had all the required skill-set and the time to execute the project completely, she shouldn’t have agreed to the contract with the crow. Even if she agreed, she could have revisited her decision and made it clear that if you don’t participate, you will lose your stake.

- Inspired by Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert K)

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