Tuesday 2 May 2017

Pokharan is a Noun

Pokharan, a place which has been jolted many times by its own countrymen. What a fate? Why Pokharan every time?

Because it is not a fertile land. It is a desert. And, it is nowhere capable giving anything back to the greed of mankind in near future.Every country has similar places which are of no use but to be jolted, to be infected, to be manipulated and after all, to be insulted.

Over the time, these places are only remembered by the might of bomb they were made to get exploded inside their own gut. They don't have any other details to be added in their glory, neither herbs nor minerals nor industries for that matter.

Just pause for a moment and personify Pokharan. You will find persons like Pokharan in every family who are always in the target of elders to be scolded, rather insulted.  These persons have nothing else in their personalities but to be remembered with those incidents. A rather fat aunty will say, 'arre wohi jise bittu mama ki shadi me Papa ji ne jor se danta tha.' Don't ignore the intensity here, 'jor se danta tha'. These Pokharan nouns - persons, places or things - are more often hit by the deadliest weapons or strategy, by their own people. Pokharans unknowingly help people in authority satiate their desire to exercise their mental and physical power. Pokharans are targeted with the weapon years before the actual intent of using the same tried and tested strength on real trouble maker.

And then Pokharan will keep singing: Dushman na kare dost ne wo kaam kiya hai...

Yes! There are Pokharan 'things' also. Don't you have some not-so-useful thing lying in the most forgotten corner of your home that has been thrown out many times by every family member but still is very much there?

To be associated with the worst becomes Pokharans habit and gradually becomes their core personality. They quickly reach the place of chaos and somehow fit themselves at the center. Most of the time, people don't have time to analyze the exact root cause of chaos and rather than trying to fix the problem they tend to forcefully shake the situation and assume everything will settle rightly on its own. Sometimes, the status of the actual trouble maker forces them to divert their energy at our innocent Pokharans.

After all, any reputed nation cannot directly drop the bomb on its reputed rival. Pokharans are there.
'But masi baad me sab kah rahe the ki unki galati nahi thi aur sabse jyada kaam bhi wohi kar rahe the...'

'Arre han, par Jija ji ko to kuch bol nahi sakte the na'.

These Jija jis and Fufa jis enjoy diplomatic immunity. They are like Sriharikota (Quota allotted to Lord Sri Hari ;-)). They will always be preferred at glorious moments when satellites have to be launched as if space is nearer from there.

Everyone represents Pokharan and Sriharikota both, depending on his presence at specific time and crowd gathering around.

However, one should introspect, if he is Pokharan every time ;-).

- Amit Roop

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