Wednesday 29 March 2017

Why should cows have all the fun?

With ever increasing ambitions, people have become too much practical. They exploit everything to make it useful for their purpose. Cow is certainly being used for polarisation. We must admit that no party would ever let their voters forget cow so easily, for that matter. God knows, tomorrow buffalo might come and ask for reservation. After all, why should cows have all the fun?

Centuries ago, people used to consume only cow's milk as they considered it most nutritious. And they could afford a cow at their home. People were emotional and they acknowledged that cow lactates only for its calfs. God fearing people, in order to suppress their guilt of refraining the progeny from the milk of their mother, considered cow as their own mother and had a great gratitude for her. The feelings grew and became a way of life. It propagated to generations when Dharma never meant Hinduism, Islam or Christianity. It was the morality, the human values abiding which people were expected to live peacefully.

Yes, in Hinduism so many animals and trees are worthy of being held in high spirits but cow has never been vehicle of any deity.

There is certainly a great difference between logic and faith. That's the reason of having two separate words. No religion on earth can stand the test of logic. It's the faith that does.

- Amit Roop

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