Thursday 15 December 2016

A Right Turn

A favorite topic for Jokes Factory is to accentuate the vacations of wife in her maternal home and happiness husband goes through. It was not so similar for me. After returning from office and having my tea - yes, I prepared it myself - I thought to buy rotis from restaurant. I don't like spicy sabji from the restaurants on a casual day. So I thought to prepare it on my own. I would give me a sense of accomplishment, at least, and an update on whatsapp for my better half.

4 tawa chapatis, my order was taken, I waited for 15 minutes and collected. While my way back, there was a narrow and dark road around a dim-lighted park. It was a residential area and footpath was covered with parked cars. My brain gave a signal to my body of having an exercise of being cool. I thought to enjoy walking as nobody would be waiting in the home.

'So, first time in these 3 years I have heard you appreciating somebody. Especially a boy', I heard two girls coming about 2-3 meters behind me. And an innocent chuckle. 'Who me?' the other one said. If there is somebody worth appreciating, whats wrong in that?

Hmm, did you notice, Alankar Sir blushed?

He plays guitar so well. Oh, my Gaaud!

Even I agree, nobody is even close to him. The way he takes trainings and the way he presents the concepts of persuading clients. He is superb!

Ohho, now you are going on admiring Alankar Sir. And you even remember the jargons. 'Persuasion', Oh my Gaaud!

When a girl, the talk of all cubicles, is giving him ways...

What ways, Ma’am?

Oh, as if you don’t know that. All the boys used to say about you. She is proud. It’s worth to try on other girls. The second most beautiful lady, in a group, is easy to be wooed. Ha ha ha...

Hmm, you seem to know a lot about women's psychology.

It’s not me. Boys of our group know a lot..Hahaha..

So much conversation I have heard. It seems, I was secretly enjoying the conversation. I started walking slowly. Not sure to enjoy my walk or to enjoy their talks. Of course, talks! Hey, I was not at all following them. They were coming just behind me. But certainly, in my mind, there was a desire to see a girl who was not at all second to anyone in a group, when beauty was discussed. I didn’t judge myself in the parameter of right or wrong. Just thought to walk slowly to allow them pass by me. Would it be wrong when they pass by me and I start following them just to enjoy their conversation? The expert of morality will decide.

Slowly, the conversation became less audible and it never mattered even if I knew all the principles of Doppler’s effects of sound.

They had taken a right turn and kept on their way. And, I decided not to take a wrong turn on the cost of evaluating the beauty in reality. I soon realized the rumbling that I kept assuming her payal’s was actually due to jiggling of the keys in my pocket. How innocent I was! And this time my own heart echoed: Oh my Gaaud!

- Amit Roop

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