Tuesday 21 June 2016

(One side tele-conversation) Playing songs are not allowed in office premises.

No, she didn't talk to me that day. That was my last day in the office as a bachelor. Some of the friends cracked joke at lunch about married life. Rahul said, 'This is the last day of food ordeal. You will have ghar ka khana just after 15 days.' She kept sitting silently but didn't had her meal. She said that she is not feeling hungry.

You know the rituals of marriage that too in villages. I couldn't call her all those days. She did call me just when I was heading for marriage procession. One of my close friend picked the phone and he told she had cried a lot.

When I called her after two days of marriage, she didn't pick up. Han yaar, I joined back. It had been more than a week. No, not yet. She is still in my home town. Some rituals and pujas are still pending. Nahi yaar, shouldn't say but nowhere matching her. You know, ‘a complete didi material'...I couldn’t collect courage otherwise you know what beauty looks like. Ha ha ha…

Now a days, I keep playing 'Mera piya mose bolat naahin' in office. What to do? She is really not talking to me. What music? Han han, its allowed in my office. Up with Chaddha & sons! You know, I am cool type, I don't take too much on head and off-course work culture in our office also supports.
It hurts yaar; she looks very disappointed. Have I done any wrong? You know, my babu ji...

Achcha, at your place? What did she say? She is getting married? So soon? I mean, she didn't tell me. Chaddha's son? Han, han, she told me about a year back that that stupid fellow had proposed her. All the girls are like this only. After all, Money is honey yaaaar and what to say about bees…

Oh, now I got. She texted me that from now onwards I will not be able to play music in office premises.

- Amit Roop


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