Wednesday 29 June 2016

Bollywood Caricature Formulae: A mirror of society!

Terrorist: An angry genuinely misguided man hates nothing but India.

Rahim Chacha: Supreme human being, dedicated to Sufism and true lover of humanity. Would sacrifice for humanity.

Dhongi Baba: Ultra-rich, Saffron clad Dhongi Baba would preach superstitions, will keep ogling woman devotees and would be a party in the corrupt system.

Ajay/Vijay/Ravi: would have enormous physical strength. Would fight for his girl and country. Would definitely save everybody but his parents. Would repent deeply the demise of Rahim Chacha.

Payal/Kajal/Priya: Would trust everybody to put herself in danger. Must be saved every time.

Corrupt Police Wala: Would not leave any chance to sell his country. Would be a companion of Dhongi Baba.

A Sufi song in the background whenever good confronts the evil.
- Amit Roop

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