Monday 16 May 2016

Tara's Night

Firoz got surprised to see Naseem entering his shop so soon in the morning. Slow steps and deep breath, Naseem had apparently been awake entire night. Firoz asked, ‘What happened Miyan? You haven’t gone to your shop today.’ Naseem used to manage accounts at Lala Jugal Kishore Jewelry store. He was quite committed to his work. Naseem replied, ‘Miyan, there is something I can share only a friend too close like you.’ Firoz smiled and said, ‘What’s wrong; is everything fine?’ Naseem told with a strict restriction to share further, ‘Mohtarma is cheating on me!’ Firoz lend his ear leaning himself more on Naseem, ‘what on earth am I listening?’ Naseem told, ‘She was not there home entire night.’ Firoz smiled and tried to cool the stuff, ‘Leave it miyan, there might be other reasons. Have you asked her? It had been more than a decade you both are happy together.’ Naseem miffed at Firoz and said, ‘She told that she was with her friend Tara.’ Firoz again pacified, ‘Hmm that could be true! You are getting possessive I guess.’ Naseem exclaimed, ‘I completely know how Tara spent her night. She was definitely not with Tara. She is cheating on me and is not afraid of even dooms day.’ Firoz asked adding a little humor, ‘how are you so sure about Tara, Miyan?’ Naseem whispered, ‘Ama miyan, Tara was with me entire night!’ Firoz got goosebumps and wondered whether Naseem is pious enough to be able to raise his concern on dooms day!

- Amit Roop

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