Monday 23 May 2016

Sarabjit – Brilliant performance by Randeep Hooda, mediocre by Aishwarya

Movie showed extreme tyranny on Sarabjit by Pakies after arresting him - under influence of alcohol - from border. Ironically, the point of view here didn’t show his sister’s outburst against Pakistan rather it took a turn like Indian well known secular approach. She largely acted as political leader.

They deliberately showed good Pakies and bad corrupt Indians. Labelled terrorist Ranjit Singh boasted in India that he got himself arrested and is way beyond laws and any type of futile curses. Movie even showed India spying Pak. They many times pointed out number of Pakistanies in India’s jails forcing audience to think that all might be innocent like Sarabjit. Then, they showed emotionless Indian family disowning their own family member like in case of Surabjit when set free - after 35 years of imprisonment - few people came to welcome him. On the other side, old Pakistani father whose son had died in the blasts - after telling his pain - signed the mercy appeal for Sarabjit. Gentle-Man-Paki-Lawyer moved multiple extra miles; he even travelled alone in bus for ‘Dosti’ while Indians this side confronted the single peace-loving man.

Sarabjit was brutally murdered inside Pak jail by his jail-mates, however movie showed some outsiders intruding the ultra-secure Kaal-kothari jail to kill Sarabjit and made Pakies come out innocent.

No one can stop the economic growth of the country that targets to gain business from even tyrants! Movie was a true story enwrapped in a business model to attract Pak audience; they however thought for Indians, Aishwarya is enough a good reason to watch. They cleverly chose the omniscient point of view to softly justify extreme wrong. It’s a gradual transition from being on an emotional mental state to practical. I guess they were planning to promote this in Pakistan also. I am not sure whether they actually did.

The movie was an attempt to establish Aishwarya an actor that miserably failed. No wonder, dialogue writer explicitly wrote to make her say that she is ‘Shikhni’. That’s exactly what her performance lacked to demonstrate. Randeep Hooda actually created a remarkable benchmark for others to envy. Moments were heavy to control tears whenever camera was on Randeep otherwise movie was an effort to massage Pak brigade of Mercy!

    - Amit Roop

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