Thursday 21 April 2016

Little Spiritual Gyan !!!

Little Spiritual Gyan!!! 

सत्यमेव जयते AND माँ सेव्यम पराजिता

Oxymoron! The coexistence of complete contradiction. One who is driving the universe ensure that truth only wins and on the same time, serves the defeated. That one who is beyond the boundaries of universe lets creation and destruction both propagate.

The coexistence of Lion (Parvati’s Vahan) and Nandi (Shiv’s Vahan), Peacock (Kartikeya’s Vahan) and Snake (Shiv’s Ornament), Snake and Mouse (Ganesh’s Vahan) in a family photograph is not a coincident. It’s a practical demonstration of the eco-system and beyond!

शिवमय AND विषमय 

Shiv is both - extreme eccentricities of the universe, everything else oscillates in-between.

- Amit Roop

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